We Must Prepare For An Extreme Human Experience


The major problem of our civilization is to ignore the Metaphysical Realm, or thinking we can bypass It. We’ve done that for more than 2,000 years already.

While the Material and the Metaphysical seem to oppose one another, the two realms can easily be merged as the Material is a direct construct of the Metaphysical.

And this means that humans cannot break free from being hostages of a system treating them like commodities if continually disregarding the Metaphysical.

Because the Metaphysical will forever win over, no matter what.

Being at crossroads is neither Good nor Bad as long as the odds can be weighed with the understanding of what is actually happening, as we speak the human experience is on a rollercoaster that can only end with an unprecedented climax.

The Lifting Of The Veil Is Looming

Acts of Creation endorsing the Immutable Principles governing the Universe are keys to better society and surpass man-made laws in every aspect. The material must be dealt with a healthy dose of skepticism because we never can know the long-term side effects of our monetized discoveries. The so-called brilliant invention of plastic comes to mind, today pollution by plastic is beyond staggering, and some sort of global awakening will be needed to stop it. Corporations will never clean up their mess, or that would mean the end of profits.

The Metaphysical Lesson Of The Worldwide Ecocide By Plastic (by Earth Custodians on medium.com)

The century-old consensus is that we can control the Material and it is precisely why that very mindset has led us to the brink. Unfortunately, it is impossible to manage the Material without the awareness of Natural Laws. A future blog will be dedicated to the latter.

For about 1,000s of years, humans have neglected the Metaphysical aspect of Life and as a result, Nature and Humans are now suffering like never before, not to mention daily getting closer from being silently assimilated by a synthetic form of intelligence to our civilization, called AI. Giving away our consent to a thinking machine is the gravest threat that we face today. World politics is a major failure because we cannot escape personal responsibility. In this sense, replacing politicians with AI and brain interfaces is utterly foolish.

The whole system as always been designed to extract the most from Earth regardless of the pollution and destruction caused. Because the latter is necessary for some to remain at the top. The middle class has always existed as a dream but often got completely crushed by bust cycles. A week ago, Alan Greenspan warned of another major financial crisis taking shape on the horizon:

Alan Greenspan: The Bull Market Is Over… Run For Cover! (fortune.com)

There is no way to extricate ourselves from the trap painlessly.

Materialism has the dangerous habit to follow the path of least resistance, and yes, something BIG must be given up… but the momentum is gathering pace.

Many today still think that it is possible to just look rationally at the picture to remove whatever pieces that do not fit into it, unfortunately, they are wrong, because what needs to change is hiding deep within each of us.

A tough ride is awaiting the “human experience” around the corner. (to be continued)



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