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The Time For Righteous Anger Has Come!

Pondering The Immorality Of War… (PART 2)

Either we humbly recognize that a psychological mutation is essential to the surival of our civilization or self-destruction is inevitable.

The education system has worshiped Darwinism as a scientific gospel for some time. Many use this worldview as an excuse not to change themselves and continue to blame a few at the top for all the ills. This idea that humans can behave like animals is, in fact, the result of mechanistic thinking claiming that life has no purpose other than eating, breeding, working, having a few distractions, and dying.

Although we want to avoid sounding like doomsayers (yes, we prefer investing in the Great Awakening), the latest world events predict the next world war. Cynically speaking, most people feel resigned. The threat is perceived as a law of nature. Some will have to die for the greater good, even if such a tragedy has to end their own lives.

In our blog “The Religious History Of Money,” we stated that faith in money protects us from dying, and this is temporarily true in times of war. Billions spent in the military arsenal are approved by naive crowds who do not understand the treacherous mechanism of taxation.

As a matter of fact, war requires funding, and many taxpayers don’t realize that they actively participate in the destructive build-up, mainly because they hope that enemies will be obliterated first.

Even if military spending represents less than four percent of the world's GDP, this small percentage can inflict a LOT of damage.

Ukraine has attracted nearly $34 billion in Western financial aid so far this year after receiving $31 billion in 2022. (Reuters, 2023)

We heard that close to 500,000 have died so far.

But who is the real enemy if world taxpayers indirectly handle money to the weapon industry to start with? Yet people lament that war is a societal scourge.

This is cognitive dissonance!

Should we be serious about eradicating wars, ending its financing is absolutely crucial.

But such an achievement would gravely shake the foundation of capitalism itself. It would cease to be, and it is as simple as that. Capitalism is coercive and that makes trading conspiratorial by nature. The very essence of that framework compels us to do things we do not want to do because of the fear of being left behind and starvation.

Nonetheless, many end up thinking that if everybody does it, it is okay.

The war also affects society in many ways. All wars… War on just anything, COVID included… Each time the state goes into debt, individuals lose purchasing power, and inflation rises. We now have a whole generation dealing with trauma.

Gen Z may be left permanently psychologically scarred by high inflation, claims a study.

Boomers will not be replaced, and that does not bode well for the so-called Great West.

The Western culture has never been what we were told. Its wealth was accumulated by colonizing others and imposing economic hardship by boosting its national debt and siding with corporatism. As you read this, sixty percent of households go paycheck to paycheck. There are around 16 million vacant homes. Nearly half of the luxury units are empty in several Billionaires’ Row buildings in Manhattan. The housing bubble has been reinflated since the 2008 crisis. And that one is due to pop soon.

We are utterly broke. Again it is not just in America. In Europe, it is no better. The world debt amounted to over $300 trillion before COVID.

And it is now up to us to consult with the Voice of Reason… and reinstate The Law of Conscience.

This economic system has never worked and never will.

The money-making mindset cannot survive in an environment promoting fairness and benevolence because accumulating savings (capital) requires losers.

That is how Wall Street works.

Each Bear Market shrinks the middle class and increases poverty ever further. If there are no losers, then money doesn’t make any sense anymore and can be replaced by cooperation.

Someone said once: the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

It is now time to listen to …. the Law Of Conscience…



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