The Religious History Of Money

The Faith In Money Protects From Dying… For A While.

This book is for sale on Amazon and was written in 2014 by academics. Should you be looking for a gift idea as Xmas approaches, we recommend at least buying yourself a copy and passing it around. There is also a Kindle version. This vital book is even available on the website of Cambridge University if you use the Google search engine.

Chapters cover the economic and social foundations of money; the historical origins of money in ancient Greece, China, the ancient Middle East, and medieval Europe; problems of justice connected to the use of money in legal systems and legal settlements, with examples both from ancient history and today

Our previous blog didn’t get any attention, although all the supporting documentation is pretty mainstream. All that society needs to do to heal itself from power abuse has always been widely available but not publicized, and this is for a reason: Truth must exist for us to exercise our free will. To help us notice what has to change drastically. Truth is always hidden in plain sight.

We can blame the "one percent" endlessly, but at the end of the day, we still must do something so that history stops repeating itself. Right?

There is a Natural Law, for example, that makes any problems get worse when ignored until we become aware of them and act upon such matters. But, unfortunately, when that happens, the lesson is usually very harsh because we have the tendency to procrastinate on demanding tasks.

Ignorance isn’t bliss.

The Universe recorded every bit of unethical behavior and then mirrored it back to us. Eventually. All actions and thoughts are vibrations. Actions are the consequence of our thinking. That's why we see small bits of ourselves in others, but we're never taught this. As a result, society has put itself in this nearly inextricable position globally.

A critical decision awaits us down the road.

Today over seventy-five percent of jobs help corporations fuel their ecocides even further. If we take action (and we'll have to), these jobs will vanish overnight. Yet, because such a response still is unthinkable, people keep working even if this means literally condemning the next generations — for the sake of a salary, saving their mortgage, car, college tuition, etc.!

Then if we take it up to the next level, among these seventy-five percent, we estimate that close to a third of them buy organic produce and sustain the GMO-free and USDA labels. Again should we fix our environment, even organic farms would go belly up.

Our situation is pretty dire. Yet many people regard all this as a necessary evil as if they couldn't do a thing about it while convincing themselves that they have everything that makes them happy. Openly pondering the interconnectedness between all living things and how morally bankrupt society has become amounts to discussing pornography.

This is a taboo topic because it shows us how little control we actually have over our lives. But Truth is getting out nonetheless…

And there are many other behaviors that we perpetuate to make a living while endangering the planet. Look at our food and chemical industries. They are no better. Fast fashion is the second most polluting sector but still manages to sell "looks" at the expense of our health and the biosphere.

We are clearly staring into the abyss here.

For centuries, we procrastinated and expected the next generations to fix the issues. How can we call such a state of affairs? How did we get there?

Over the millennia, Money has been introduced to us as a medium of exchange that saves lives, trading death for life since we cannot survive without it. The worship of Money was born.

We cannot escape immutable laws, and to save the day, we'll have to listen to them. At this stage, it's pretty blatant that Money has always been a religion, sold to us as a sacred tool preventing death — for a while. But now we all can see the illusion which is about to engulf our existence. We cannot eat Money. It has no intrinsic value and exerts all human behaviors for the worse.

Take this article, for example, The Disaster of Philanthropy and Capitalism describes how Philanthrocapitalism enables the destruction of nature and the erosion of democracy. Petrochemical companies, agribusiness, and multinational corporations that will feed us in a manner of speaking but only in return for our acquiescence in the ruination.

Another alarming fact. Did you know that the Rockefeller Foundation started what became the green movement in the 1940s? Considering the state of the planet today, financiers and PhDs have been unable to protect the planet's homeostasis.

We sincerely hope that the issues raised here have struck a nerve because we have a situation on our hands that only can be resolved by the end of our materialistic society. However, just in case you miss it, we urge you to read part 1 of the series "How The World Embraced Consumptionism".

(to be continued… Part 3: The Age Of Belief Is Over)



Metaphilosophy, Metaphysics (Natural Laws), Economics, Social & Individual Healing, AI, Voluntaryism. Thought-provoking without running around the bush.

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Brigitte Kayser — The Mind Awakened

Metaphilosophy, Metaphysics (Natural Laws), Economics, Social & Individual Healing, AI, Voluntaryism. Thought-provoking without running around the bush.