The Fear Of Being Left Behind

We can’t win everything if we don’t accept losing everything first.

Four people protesting at a New York City Applebee’s outlet over its vaccine mandate were arrested Wednesday night… NYPD Kicks Out Mom, Child from Restaurant for Being Unvaxxed… (see video)

Folks, we have reached the absolute dead-end and all that is left to extricate ourselves from this monstrous quagmire is to accept the inevitable, that we’ll have to leave the system behind and or… we’ll be the ones left behind!

The choice has never been clearer, and that means that we’ve to forget about the philosophical irrelevancy of the current economic paradigm that has lasted much too long.

As a matter of fact, if our current values prevent us from taking action because we’re so entangled in the system that barely feeds most people on the planet, then these values are not worth to be defended at all.

In other words, we need new values that espouse and facilitate communication within the societal superorganism. The most harmful trauma generated by this decaying model is “individualism”, which isolates individuals and gets them hooked on the idea that the problems of others aren’t theirs.

That is precisely why world problems have gone from bad to worse. We were too busy buying security to avoid the next crisis.

Dr. David Martin brilliantly describes what is happening to our children and calls it mass murder. He’s right of course but it is now up to the parents/adults who choose health freedom. Despite knowing the truth, we’ve to resist being ruled by the fear of becoming a potential target.

Truth can only win over if we speak out, each of us, and let go of the fear of being left behind because of monthly (fake) obligations. And if we look closer, this is actually the hidden message of Christianity: that we cannot let the truth be silenced. But the ruling ideology has turned the crucifixion into self-sacrifice and a guilt syndrome, which are reinforcing the impression that doom is inevitable.

It is easy to blame greed for our state of affairs but the mere focus on monthly expenses is another kind of greed in disguise. The amount of energy to make us comply supports the greed generated at the top of the pyramid. It is putting money at the top of our list that has contaminated human thought.

As soon as materialism becomes the driving force, it begins to endanger real-life values such as compassion, morality, and freedom. Our medical technocracy is no accident. This situation is millennia-old and abundance will be restored the day there is a majority refusing to sacrifice their own existence for peace of mind — and paying these (damned) monthly bills. It has to be done by 10’s of 1000s of people altogether because a loner can’t shift the current dynamics.

The “Now” Cannot Be Fixed In The Future!

Monetarism strengthens materialistic approaches and therefore anchors the trauma to be left behind, hence redoubling the attachment to materialism as a counter-motion to overcome that very fear. The result is cognitive dissonance. Deep within we all know that we can’t do without society but are caught in a paradox: choosing sovereignty will destroy these obsolete values that society indoctrinated us with. Indeed the issue is gargantuan.

But here is the huge upside… the less we fear being left behind, the more chance we have to reshape society for the greater good.

We can’t win everything if we don’t accept to lose everything first.



Brigitte Kayser — The Mind Awakened

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