The “Now” Cannot Be Fixed In The Future

Education tells us to worship the future to avoid a repeat of the past. WRONG!

We’ve already stressed that a system fully transparent would make it extremely difficult to achieve profits because money represents circulating data and withholding it restricts (involuntarily or not) the flow of information. Only those pulling the strings are pretty aware of this. The Vanguard Group and Black Rock Inc are their Trojan horses and the very reason why information is offuscated by financial monopolies. It means that the class war will never go away.

Although this blog recommends the Asiatimes’ “blockchain” article, every discovery so far has shown the same characteristics. First, it sounds promising then becomes more of a headache… then morphs into total claptrap.

It is the flow of money pouring into a specific market that fosters the monopoly effect pushing the trends ahead of the game. For any business to survive (and keep the clientele wanting more) in this environment promises of a bright future must be made. Statistically controlling the future is impossible unless one is in the know that it will lead to serious failures.

Speculating on the future is like speculating on the chaos theory. Chaos wins all the time.

Just look at what has become globalization. Everything has failed humanity. If disregarding Natural Laws, from the surface one might be inclined to think that the world is deliberately mismanaged and this is a half-truth.

The absolute reality is that the more we project far ahead the more we set ourselves up for failure.

It is the misunderstanding of what is really happening that benefits the Davos Elites.

The only choices are, either we use money and say “no” to hoarding… or we abolish it. Buddhism and Taoism got it right, there is only the NOW! But education tells us to worship the future to avoid a repeat of the past. The challenges we’re faced with are rather philosophical in essence.

The material world is a reflection of the spiritual realm. Not the other way round because the UNseen governs everything.

Moreover, if “the” science had had some rational basis, we wouldn’t find ourselves in a state of emergency today as the scientific method would also warn us of potential pitfalls created along the way. And researchers would have had to come up with better solutions a long time ago.

Unfortunately, the scientific method officially died along with the Terrain Theory; let’s agree here once and for all. All systems must function as ecosystems. And so does humanity. Thinking that future solutions will clear up the path toward freedom is simply faulty reasoning because an ecosystem continually evolves in the NOW, adjusting every step of the process so that it will not endanger itself. Self-preservation is embedded into its cosmic programming.

Everybody has heard at least once the idiom “putting the cart before the horse”, which means reversing the proper order of things or events… well civilization has had this habit for quite many centuries.

Here is an example of scientism selling us a better future…

(BUSINESS INSIDER | SEPT 2021) A UN report says carbon capture technology is necessary if the world wants to be carbon neutral by 2050. But many experts think the tech is too expensive and not scalable in the next few decades. Climate scientist Peter Kalmus has done the math: “If it works, in one year it will capture three seconds worth of humanity’s CO2 emissions,” he wrote on Twitter.

Of course, the original idea of having this tech implemented is intended to remain ineffective. That is what happens when consenting to the management of our future. A lie generates another lie and so on. But that is how the ruling ideology furthers its tentacles and ascertains that science is all that is left to save us from ourselves.

Have you noticed: the marketplace offers countless services to supposedly brighten our days but why are we then looking into the abyss? This is how the forces of darkness establish themselves, insidiously pretending that a more enjoyable future awaits us around the corner because the NOW is so frightening, isn’t it? Look at this covid madness and Biden saying 2 days ago that the unvaccinated can prepare for a winter of death if they don’t get the jab and the booster shot.

For anything perceived as positive there is a downside and otherwise. Though for any real upside to benefit the greater good making sure that our birthrights remain the foundation of society is essential. Living for the future as opposed to the NOW is the mindset that perpetuates the lack of security, and ensures the top 0.1% capitalize on their stronghold ever further…

Welcome to the Apocalypse… The Lifting Of The Veil!



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