The Conflict Between Thought and Reality

Knowledge is often a hindrance in the sense that more knowledge inherently increases the complexities of existence

Reality is a powerful dream. We basically hallucinate ourselves daily. For the best and the worse.

Manly P. Hall: Positive Thinking (1953): In these rather complicated times, we all are in need of positive thinking. And the term has been so abused in the last 25 years, it seems worthwhile to devote some time to clarify basic values. We know for example, that a kind of attitude, a sort of self-hypnosis in which the individuals, surrounded by his troubles are unable to solve any of them, tries to take an attitude of everything being alright. This does not work. The person knowing in himself that his optimism is not founded on anything basic lacks the courage of conviction and lacks the ability to believe his own constructive affirmation.

Just as our diet tells us about our overall health, what we dream about we become. But this comes with a twist because, without the awareness of the nature of reality, dreams may morph into nightmares quite fast. The more we look into the issues, the more they appear very daunting: by design, society is itself a rigid monolith that has perfected human compartmentalization on material and spiritual levels.

And because of that very compartmentalization, we are often prompted to think in terms of survival and exclusion — as opposed to inclusion and understanding. Manly P. Hall rightfully states that the flexible mind is the inquiring mind and this is key to self-improvement. A receptive mind is one that continually accepts the challenge of knowing, thinking, and facts.

Unfortunately, monetarism strengthens the very same compartmentalization; we have explained this at length in many of our previous blogs. It is a dirty subject because questioning financial power is often perceived as a direct threat considering the tendency to associate ourselves with our possessions and the fear of being left behind.

The conflict between thought and reality rather stems from the failure to comprehend the totality of humankind. For many, it is an insurmountable challenge but the environment is a reflection of our thinking, and insulating ourselves from “the great reset” is no longer possible: as long as this aspect is overlooked let alone resolving our own problems because doing so perpetuates exclusion and competition.

In short, we get more of the same that we do not need. Meanwhile, issues are getting more acute and threatening around us.

Knowledge is often a hindrance in the sense that more knowledge inherently increases the complexities of existence. But the radical inner change will come when we will hit a rock bottom and begin to feel vain in our attempts to reform what cannot. And if we look closer: this is one of the main sources of inner conflicts because the mind will not easily recognize its faulty train of thoughts. Hence the tendency to rehash the same ideas that instill inner misery. Modern psychology has never done anything but made everything worse — and must be let go of.

Entertaining the idea of higher knowledge leads to the impression of knowing very little because it comes along with the realization that there always are better options available and so on. And since data can change at any time due to the progression of knowledge, projections are of no help at all, we have to solve all arising symptomologies in the now and to our best abilities.

The Laws of Nature are pretty strict: the more we have the more we stand to lose. It is a paradigm that must be comprehended if we are serious about leaving the current ruling ideology behind.

Interestingly the beginning of an answer is found in our ability to develop our EQ (Emotional Intelligence) which is the only way to see the difference between “to have” and “to be” and why these aspects are key to establishing fruitful discussions among ourselves. Or we won’t be able to have an honest interaction as the to-have mode is more about being right and that generates plenty of logical fallacies… while the to-be mode is talking about observations and facts.

And it is now time to abandon the “to have mode” behind us for good to end our conflict with Reality…



Brigitte Kayser — The Mind Awakened

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