Speculation Will Not Save Us Anymore

Because transparency goes against speculation!

No, it won’t and for several reasons easy to grasp.

Speculation only works in an extremely controlled environment and the most successful at it are those pulling the strings because they have designed all the stages to get the crowds and investors to buy into their schemes. Just like Musk selling the idea of colonizing Mars instead of fixing our planet and as a result today, SpaceX stocks have become one of the world’s most bullish IPOs. Only the top 0.1% can create such trends.

Transparency goes against speculation for the simple reason that being able to access the big picture will induce skepticism and increase one’s sense of objectivity. Transparency is also against regulations because loopholes are embedded in all regulations, voluntarily or not, and this because fixing errors must remain possible at all times. Omniscience does not exist in our 3D realm due to our perceptions depending on the dualism — or polarity — of any contained in any situation. And that means that speculation rather aligns with subjectivity.

Speculation affects everything, not just the consequences of profit-seeking. Most individuals do not achieve their dreams mainly because of their projections into the future. Nothing ever goes according to plan, yet the system teaches otherwise. Nothing ever goes according to plan because of “death” to start with. We all happen to have a feeling of being unaccomplished and regret not having done enough to fix things when aging and dying.

So why is society pushing down people’s throats stories that can never be?

Speculation is also highly destructive. One just needs to look at the state of the biosphere steadily destroyed by shenanigans, which brings into focus the irrefutable corruption of science. The situation is clearly beyond repair. Cynically speaking, “trust the science” has become the new (nonsensical) slogan parroted by the mainstream media and their cohort of fact-checkers. Fear has become a virtue. Speculation has killed Truth and Justice.

Speculation is pseudoscience: Natural Laws just won’t allow it because they oppose any form of societal control. Speculation can be defined as a euphoric state dismissing very basic facts. Those who watch the Ice Age Farmer have surely seen his vlog last year about the latest craze (investing in trees) promoted by the World Forum as the best investment of the decade. We can bet again that speculation will fall short because securing the future at the expense of the now is what got us into the current traps.

Both “mechanistic science” and “religious dogmas” are meant to confuse society.

So why do we keep hoping for what cannot be? Something must be undone, something massive, if we’re truly serious about world peace and abundance.

Fixing The World By Allowing Nature To Be Nature

We’d always keep in the back of our minds, that all-knowing starts with faith first… Faith that truth exists within and that we’re going to find out about it.



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