Fixing The World By Allowing Nature To Be Nature

We Must Stop Controlling Nature!

Regardless of any belief system, Natural Laws (not laws created by humans) will always have the final word. So where does that leave us since Natural Laws prove the sentience of the Universe? All is energy, matter is self-aware, and it is a truth that both theists and non-theists will have to deal with eventually as the latter also proves that everything is connected.

There Is Something VERY Wrong With The Way We Think

We listened to Alan Watts several times. His words definitely resonate with the metaphilosophy we have shared via our blog and video materials over the years. In a nutshell, and since the Universal Mind experiences itself continually it also means that we’re bound to the very same Cosmic Parameters and implies that the human mind cannot think too far ahead toward any desired or self-indulging outcomes either.

Long-term outcomes never come true because knowledge continually evolves and eventually turns these projections into mirages or/and threatening fallacies because the system has lost all flexibility. Any attempt to address any small detail within the pyramid of control comes with the realization that doing anything would cause a chain reaction ushering a full-fledged societal collapse.

Many people get upset or shrug when explained this because only their focus on what makes their world go round matters to them. They do not see the storm of all times that has been gathering over the centuries. And if they do, even briefly, they often will choose to sink along with the Titanic and blame society for it. Or that the matter is too big to handle in the lesser case.

As we see it, we do not think that there is a problem with thinking a couple of years ahead per se for example but nonetheless concur. The shorter the time frame, the more everything remains quickly manageable. Watts is definitely correct: thinking decades ahead fuels irrationality.

This is what societies have done throughout history, and when we happen to honestly look back, it is clear that our obsessions with societal management have caused additional layers of problems that only have benefited the same usual suspects and their weapon called “monetarism”.

Money is a tool to control outcomes by the fact we cannot afford to lose any. It’s a major incentive to either convince and also manipulate others. But this long-term control or quest for security is what has led us into this seemingly inextricable situation.

Genuine freedom is the opposite of control, and there is no freedom when endorsing the slightest form of exploitation and the commodification of life because we all are evenly affected by our environment.

Watts admits that there is nothing we can do — and he is dead on!

We also have advocated for disengaging from the system for quite a while. AI is another anticipated controlled aftermath and comes with serious strings attached: digital servitude that will feed off of human emotions and daily habits by connecting whatever tattoo certificate and brain interface to the Cloud.

There is no freedom nor immortality to expect from AI by and for the people. Those who tell us that AI is inevitable perfectly know where all this is going. But there is a solution and which is to unplug it until we figure out new ways to help humanity wise up, and from there assess its real potential. There is nothing to fear at this stage, really.

Since we have to quit thinking decades ahead and allow Nature to be Nature, there is one value that can protect us from human-made hardship and this is called empathy, and compassion… Love. It is the only fashion to know if we are going in the right direction as a matter of fact — and for science to service civilization.

Because Natural Laws are banding together to enforce peace among sentient beings gifted with the ability to make sense of the Whole.

Yes, that is right: this cosmic enforcement cannot be circumvented. And there is no other way to put it. It is what it is. Love is the Law. Either we improve together and toward the betterment of society and let go of all our controlling habits… or… else.

We may have to come to the alarming conclusion that the universe is smarter than we are.” — Alan Watts

Alan Watts breaks down what’s wrong with the world — Part 1 (1970)




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