Pondering Biological Inequality…

Emotional Intelligence Could Become The New Nemesis

This idea that governments could intentionally harm their own people is repellent to the minds of many because they would have then to accept that “malevolence” does exist and the responsibility of their participation. The intent to harm while pretending to do good is indeed so twisted. Yet human history is repleted with countless examples of democides. This goes beyond cognitive dissonance because the truth shatters all forms of denials. We briefly tackled this topic in our blog Pondering Good And Evil, and we will write more about it in a near future.

As a society, we have arrived at crossroads where moral relativism is also going to be engulfed sooner rather than later because all our planetary ills can only be resolved if looking at them from an observer’s point of view. Materialism is of no help here as it breeds divisiveness itself in turn fueling distortions that always end up supporting lies.

Very rough times are ahead of us, and only the future will tell who’s going to win the Great Reset, but it better be Humanity… or else.

Harari delivers a dire warning in the video below and asserts that AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) will redefine the word “species”, in short, that “inorganic lifeforms” are the next step of evolution and going to progressively eradicate what makes us humans as biological inequality becomes the new normal.

But when you really think about it, it has always been this way. Monetarism has been the gatekeeper of biological superiority ever since. What if it was its prime purpose to keep separate the “malevolent rulers” from their populations?

Futuristic trends have kept us in a state of dreaming about immortality as a subterfuge to get our consent. The Metaverse is another clickbait strategy as only those with good social credits will be allowed to live as avatars… to receive further programming. The harsh truth is that the Metaverse is designed to become the New Hopium to cope with Technofeudalism!

The dilemma is the following: if coercion has to be used to collect data, then the very purpose of the aim is systematically malevolent.

Harari predicts that AGI will be able to solve all issues better than humans as it will resort to cold logic. From there it should be clearly understood that emotional intelligence is doomed to become the new nemesis! An excellent script for a Hollywood production.

Data is worth more than money today, the covid pandemic has been highly successful at increasing the necessity for more intrusive biometric data. This shift was meant to occur.

Any change resorting to alienation to exhort mass consent (using fear) must be rejected if we really care about remaining sovereign beings… This is the lesson we are going through as a collective and this realization will require a majority to agree and start screening “enough is enough”.

The ruling ideology only fears one thing, that we discover the purpose of life is “service to others”.



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