Pondering Good… And Evil


Keeping evil at bay has to become a daily intention to bring about the love for life and societal betterment

At some point there will come a face to face with evil to understand how good can be achieved… as much as good knows everything about evil not to go there. During this confrontation, evil may even tell us what to do, but our egos will feel so cruelly vain that we’ll either surrender or rise from our ashes, like the Pheonix. And the old reality will be left behind.

As the health crisis has demonstrated, many have rallied behind the mandates thinking that it is their duty to protect human life but the various societal paradoxes we live in are proving them quite deluded.

Weapon dealers are still in business — aren’t they?

Though there are several reasons why societies never seem to learn from history, which is always distorted by the winners as a matter of fact. Contrary to the evidence, it is also widely assumed that power is going to contain or fix problems. Then comes the ethics of self-sacrifice which is supposed to reward anybody persevering long enough but turns individuals into addicts, workaholics, and fanatics. To add to the injury, property rights have made society increasingly more complex but the truth is that we only can own our body, mind, and spirit.

Such aspects are contributing to our descent into the Matrix concocted by a small group of extremely nefarious puppet masters and illusionists. They are incarnated to do what they do and worship the absence of love, hence feeling no remorse at all.

Unfortunately, the blame game begins to fall short as soon as we start dissecting the issues and realizing that personal responsibility is paramount. Extricating ourselves from this fake reality will demand that we call upon our “magical powers” within!

The Universe is magic. Magic because we may never know enough to figure out the origins of “life energy” itself. And what we can’t explain will always look like magic. Religious folks would describe it as a miracle but that’s mere semantic.

That is why we call The Prime Creator the source of all life.

There is thus an “intelligent design” also implying that there exists a layer of reality BIGGER than our dual-3D spectrum but which is invisible. We just sense or know it is there! Assuming that we can define consciousness and its purpose rightfully, we can pretty well observe how our actions and thoughts manifest within our realm.

The whole Universe is a conscious entity on its own and we participate in its evolution. The latter interacts with every living organism via Cosmometry essentially. The very essence of mathematics is metaphysical but scientism has done a great job at distancing itself from the spiritual realm and calling attempts toward a reconciliation “crackpot theories”.

This takes us to the heart of the issue because we can no longer ignore the war on our minds that is taking place. It is about time to acknowledge that evil has never been outsmarted because society is indoctrinated with polarized half-truths reinforcing moral relativism which makes it impossible for peaceful dialogues to win over.

Although eradicating evil is impossible, we can keep it at a distance. Evil will always be lurking and preying on those seeking shortcuts. Far to the contrary, trying to avoid difficulties does not make them go away, we merely shift them onto something or somebody else. We purchase services to alleviate our daily burdens but create other ones in the process. We want to make sure that our houses are worth it but help fuel the housing boom. And so on…

There is a pervasive tendency to think that whatever fits one’s own visions will have positive long-term side effects. The ruling ideology is very aware of this faulty outlook. That is why General Intelligence is sold to us as a “friendly assistant”. So now and while working to ensure to remain self-sustainable, technology has invaded our private lives and is about to turn us into “digital slaves”.

Enlightenment is the direct consequence of identifying and knowing evil.

If we don’t control our thoughts and analyze our desires before acting, there cannot be any happy ending. We also must learn to accept that conflicts are a part of the learning process. We need them for inner growth. And if they are not external, they will manifest internally. Modern psychology teaches to avoid conflicts but conflicts can only be tamed if shared with those concerned directly. This has led to an explosive situation, and we’re headed for an inevitable ideological clash during which we’ll have to regard voluntaryism as the only choice left.

Keeping evil at bay has to become a daily intention to bring about the love for life and societal betterment. It is the only way to know whether one walks on the thin line in the middle… between perfection and evil.



Brigitte Kayser — The Mind Awakened

Metaphilosophy, Metaphysics (Natural Laws), Economics, Social & Individual Healing, AI, Voluntaryism. Thought-provoking without running around the bush.