Forget About The Supremacy Over Anything

Natural Laws Made Sure That Nobody Could Take Over

Once we know how something works, we do not need anybody to tell us what to do, contends Braden in this video.

And this is the very reason why power is a grand illusion but we’re nonetheless taught to capitalize on ‘business might’ because on the surface it does make one look smarter to access any particular data ignored by a majority. Though the Great Reset is kicking in inexorably and our way of seeing life is disintegrating very rapidly.

The truth is that any bit of knowledge that isn’t shared morphs into oppression because Natural Laws organize life in a way that no one can claim supremacy over anything. This is how the Universe communicates with us at all times while ensuring that compassion and empathy remain immutable parameters.

No Cosmic Law is the result of randomness but coordinated vibratory fields and embedded principles. Unless we endorse the latter man’s laws will continue to bring about irrationality and despair.

In a nutshell, we now have irrefutable evidence that metaphysics and science can collaborate easily once acknowledging that very reality. All dogmas, religious and scientific, are going to show ever-increasing cracks and prompt the reassessment of everything.

There is no escape, even though it may not seem like it just yet.

The biggest obstacle of all is the Ego. It is the latter that continually requires feeling empowered through habits. The half-full/empty glass theory tells us that without the Ego we wouldn’t learn about power, money, why we’re afraid of radical transformations, and the responsibilities coming along with them.

But since the old paradigm is crumbling down for good, what are we going to do about it?

It’s a serious catch 22 as you may guess because the Ego always regards itself as smarter than the average, regardless of the stances available out there. But in the long run, either we’ll have to shed our old skin and leave it behind… or we resist and fall prey to technocracy.

Let’s just the old system go. That is as simple as that.

The new science arising is going to wipe out everything. Materialism and thinking in terms of mutual exploitation are not going to work anymore but what is needed to make the framework more flexible and caring for our community and relatives.

Individualism will have to be transmuted into an endeavor benefiting the greater good because all planes of existence constantly interact. Every bit of suffering left unaddressed eventually comes back to haunt us.

The duty of science is to secure that very last Truth: the interconnectedness between all sentient creatures and living organisms. The price tag has been tremendous, it is costing biodiversity and has bankrupted the entire planet. All this is because we subscribed to the belief that wealth accumulation was the only possible solution to escape (corporate) slave wages and live free.

The World Forum and the UN are already prepared to cash in big over the next 10 years, turn our consumer habits into currencies, manage the planet's resources by rationing everybody under the guise of the greater good, and even foresee more ‘plandemics’ and which will call for the chipping of human beings.

That does not need to be that way, we can reorganize society if we quit competing and understand that if we don’t follow this new path, the grand illusion that is power will seal our fate.



Brigitte Kayser — The Mind Awakened

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