Only A Collective Ego Breakdown will FREE Society!

A Harsh Reality Check….

What do Charles Eisenstein and Bertrand Russel (1872 -1970) share in common?

And countless others, us at “The Mind Awakened” included. It has been our mantra for quite some time already if you’re familiar with our blog, and we’ll keep at it as long as a majority has not yet awakened.

That message has to be carried on by anybody who grasps the stakes.

Our message is leaderless and will be successful if we don’t seek any political venue to promote the message. Politics is unable to remedy our ills because it is constricted by the competition model. Only a platform aiming at abolishing politics as we know it could help, but we have yet to build it.

This ego breakdown challenge has been around since ever, the dawn of humanity. And it is the prime cause of civilization collapse. We are here to participate in the homeostasis of the planet and be dedicated to positive creativity, any kind of creativity that promote life instead of killing it. There is a majority who think that by embracing the “mind your own business” type of philosophy everything should run just fine, but it is not how nature works.

The biosphere is the result of molecular collaboration, so we are bound to follow the same biological arrangements.

Anything that isn’t working ends us calling us out. Every human being is a molecule with its own tasks. Practicing tolerance and humility is a must because molecules do not have the same functions but participate in the diversity needed to sustain life.

This understanding relies on pure metaphysics. The bigger model must be validated by smaller ones (and otherwise) because the structure of the universe is fractal.

In this sense, either we begin to follow Nature, or we go extinct. There is a consensus that makes us want to believe that merging with digital intelligence to remain relevant is the only way out, but that is not true because that very system is binary and seeks to copycat what makes us humans and usurp Nature. But it can only be done if Nature is dying to justify that we need intelligent computers.

There is a lot to write about the topic. Any civilization that has survived the computer age has followed the diktats of natural laws and respects the cosmic arrangement.

Such a system does not create a synthetic world on its own.

And if you look at the state of the planet, and the planned demise of our food chain for example, again everything falls into place. Controlled food systems are here!

Material security, as sold by the media, does not exist. There is no quick fix in the material sense because everything has an ending, either brutal or soft. We have to escape from the conditioning that we are here to work, eat and reproduce.

And sitting at home with “metaverse googles” to escape this reality is not going to make our lives go round.

We need to rediscover Ancient Knowledge first and move from there, going back to the time when people were taught that the planet is sentient and our only home…



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