Why Our Species Is Failing


How ready Are You For… A Showdown?

The whole Truth in two minutes… Manly P Hall once said:

We are on the very edge of an international situation. We are in the presence of an accumulation of 1000s of years of mistaken activities. In most people’s minds, most mistakes have been pleasant occurrences. The individual has found that it is possible to make more money than is needed.

A really free society respects Nature, knows that most science will fall short if not paying attention and endorses Universal Laws — and does not prioritize Life first. It is very important to get that right because Bad always happens faster than Good.

Generating the greater good requires lots of dedication, as opposed to the bad: one can ruin one’s life in a few seconds. Actually, there is a reason why the bad occurs much faster,

merely because it exists to remind us of the path leading to the Good at all times.

And since we neglect the Principles of Life, the world has been getting worse much quicker over the last century.

We, as a civilization, do not listen and prefer instant gratification which inexorably sets into motion the Law of Causality. Nothing is random though. As much as corporate science would like us to think otherwise. Look at our ecological disasters. It seems as if there is a dark force at play behind the scenes.

Millennials Control Just 4.2 Percent of US Wealth, 4 Times Poorer Than Baby Boomers Were At Age 34 | 10/8/20 Newsweek

We have broken the Law too many times to reverse our position to Good fast enough and therefore will have to endure a total breakdown of society, which will either lead to a fresh start… or permanent digital surveillance.

The exploitation of Life as a whole has propelled technocracy and which now pretends to care about humanity but wants us to cooperate under its own consensuses designed by questionable experts commodifying anything they can think of.

And society continues to fall for it. What gives?

As of January 2023, 60% of all U.S. adults, including 45% of high-income earners, were living paycheck to paycheck, according to a new LendingClub report. That’s down from 64% a year earlier, suggesting that last year’s spending cutbacks have improved some consumers’ financial situations.

Individualism will not win that one but long-lasting cooperation and coordinated efforts. It is all that is left.

One of the biggest illusions that we entertain (yes another one) is to think we can battle our way to defeat the opponent. It is integrity that must win. We will need the victory of peace to end selfishness, competition, and personal ambition.

How ready Are You For… A Showdown?

Competition has always been a bad idea. Hear it from the mouth of George Carlin directly: Why Our Species Is Failing (1992)



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