Why Aren’t the Systems Changing?


Peace Will Come As The Result of Collective And Universal Enlightenment.

As an introduction, let’s consider these three links. Truth is everywhere, it just needs to be noticed.

CEOs rake in 940% more than 40 years ago, while average workers earn 12% more (2019 CBS). And this one now: Almost half of all Americans work in low-wage jobs (2019 CBS). Then this one: Sixty percent of all U.S. adults, including 45% of high-income earners, were living paycheck to paycheck (2023, MSN).

The question we ask today: is or was Capitalism really worth it?

The time for a breakthrough has come. The only mass therapy that will work is to accept Enlightenment through empathy and cooperation.

Psychiatry and psychology have largely contributed to the mega crises humanity is going through, and the media would hate people to know about it. These two disciplines always recommend walking away (individualism) from any situation causing suffering and keeping the focus on what makes one happy instead.

Did it help?

There is “NO walk away option” possible until the conflict resolution is accepted by those involved.

Every time we decide to walk away without addressing the problem the latter builds up until we eventually notice — or worse until there is a blowout of some sort if necessary — and what is set to happen on a global scale now.

While there is definitely much truth in the fact that we repeat childhood frustrations but we can’t take them for granted because they mirror a much larger picture.

Look closer. Society is going through exactly the same as a whole — So what now?

The planet urgently needs new thinking modes and to let go of the old, and mainstream psychology is not going to help as it is part of the problem. Nature is a Guide we ought to follow.

The Principle Of Cause and Consequence means that there is no escape from our responsibilities.

The Mind Awakened seeks to promote social healing first or we will NEVER go anywhere — the whole system is designed to induce inner fragmentation and while many are aware of this, it takes lots of courage to initiate self-healing because the system induces co-dependence.

The fear of standing alone for Humanity and Life is caused by a lingering trauma that has been with us for thousands of years.

Explained in just 4 mins — It all is about our trauma-based society, ego, and spiritual misunderstanding.



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