Where Do Emotions Come From?

Biophotons in the Brain. Is Something Light-Based Going On?

Today the number of people consulting shrinks is staggering, and even though all couch-therapies lead to the sensitive examination of emotions, therapists have little understanding — if none at all — of what is going on on a cosmic dimension and whose effects are directly observable as its Prime Cause is ‘Electricity,’ without which the Universe wouldn’t hold together.

Being also the Blood of the Universe, Electricity rules over every existing atom, including the very Field of the Mind, as neurons electrically process emotions in a fashion that is therefore dual by nature. Why dual? Simply because there isn’t any electric current without an anode and cathode, A and B. Positive and negative charges.

Scientists Discover Biophotons In The Brain That Could Hint Our Consciousness is Directly Linked to Light! … scientists discovered that rat brains could pass just one biophoton per neuron a minute, but human brains could convey more than a billion biophotons per second.(2018)

Let’s repeat that: Pure Light is circulating in our brains. Magnetism is an inherent property of Electricity and allows It to circulate. Magnetism without Electricity cannot be, which means that Electricity is all there is. Hence, so many spiritual and religious beliefs referring to the word Light.

Comprehending why all life paths end up highlighting the same social conflicts is thus essential, as emotions cannot express themselves without negative and positive charges. Moreover, the lack of awareness of such mechanisms induces polarized thinking, like what we see today in politics: “you are with us or against us.” And neither side will win over as the purpose of polarity is to help realize that there is a third way generally obtained by merging such polarities.

There Are Biophotons in the Brain. Is Something Light-Based Going On? … In biology, of course, “why” is an iffy question that presupposes intent, that is, some conscious designer at work. In fact, many traits just are, due to random mutation, and have simply never been selected out. It’s unknown so far if biophotons just are. (2017)

This is a classical mainstream approach: speaking of “random mutation” to bypass the inevitable “conscious design” realization. Anything that is not rationally provable must be discarded. The article nonetheless chooses to describe the phenomenon as “unknown.” Mainstream science will not touch metaphysics and rather speak of “still unknown factors” instead. This academic jargon is senseless because the Unknown is precisely what drives everything—the Conscious Design.

The links posted here are introduced to facilitate readers’ understanding of why there’s much more at work beneath the surface. One of the main tasks of this blog is to connect the dots ignored by the consensus.

Human emotions are organized by a Force, a Natural Law whose aim and purpose are to help find out about the Latter ultimately. Increasing social conflicts around the world are merely telling us about that particular challenge, and to restore balance as “negative” and “positive” charges need to reach a state of equilibrium to produce Electricity. And only the motion of empathy can restore harmony.

For their sake, as well as growing in awareness, Humans need to be able to identify self-defeating mind patterns, which can be corrected with either Hypnosis, Yoga, Meditation, and even Shamanism. The increasing success of Shamanism indicates that more and more people seek self-healing from a social and generational emotional disconnect with Nature, the Spirit Molecule.



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