When Economic Matters Become Philosophical

The Green Market Is Far From Being Green!

For many years we thought honest money was the solution to world issues and that the green movement didn’t get it and was part of the problem, but 7 years ago or so, we had to realize that the major flaws lied in the economic paradigm of the “sky is the limit” and which fuels an aberration called “meritocracy”.

Meritocracy hurts everyone because it makes us complacent about poverty and structural violence, and even seems to justify depopulation! Meritocracy institutionalizes the notion of “necessary evil”. And of course, this new understanding radically affected our perspectives. Then we also began to see all the destruction made in the name of profit and pay attention to our own household waste which was such a huge eye-opener.

There is NO need to reduce the population since we can build vertical farms and food forests in our neighborhoods. Population reduction is a faulty perspective borrowed from the myth of endless economic growth. So profits need to go and everything will begin to fall into place.

Because societies disregarded the situation for centuries and the illusion that industrialization allowed us to hoard wealth like never before, we really never saw the brick wall get closer.

But now it is there and our societal freight train is rushing towards it.

The problem with “we must restore nature” is that it will not work that way but by consuming much less and shift our focus to a full-fledged circular economy. Fixing our impact on nature will allow Nature to fix Herself. We are merely neglecting the fact Nature ALSO needs to be left alone.

Man-made laws are a core issue and will have to bow down, the fact is that we need to become more selfless first and quit thinking that we can “globally manage” Nature.

Yes, we can do this but in our direct neighborhoods, by thinking locally we can fix the problem globally but this thinking that we can manage this globally is a faulty premise that got us into this quagmire. We can fix the planet by just extrapolating on our direct needs as long as we respect the organic equilibrium.

Yes, we need a circular economy nonetheless but not in terms of capitalist thinking, going down that road is another delusion. Without banning the most obvious such as single-use plastics and petroleum-based fabrics, agricultural practice depleting our soils, the circular economy will remain a corporate distraction. Well, this is just a start.

The circular economy will work best if recycling organically derived products.

Without consuming much less and more wisely, we cannot buy our way out of the pitfalls created by the Wallstreet mindset. And even that, assuming that a majority is able to achieve self-sustainability, much of the market as we know it would disappear because that would imply the end of overconsumerism which the system is based upon.

The upside here is that the article below, and as written, does not take into account revolutionary sciences that have been hidden from us because the latter are not welcome in a market-driven economy. There are real conspiracies out there. Many patents are kept locked up because they are direct threats to the system. At some point we’ll blog about the topic: we know this to be a fact.

Corporate science cannot be trusted. When all this mess is over, we are going to be shocked.

There is no other exit than which of a societal demise but it is an incredible opportunity to rebuild better — and without the current powers that be and their technocratic agenda, with real scientists understanding that we as a society are an organism amid the vastness of the Universe.

Regardless of the angle used to scrutinize the situation, we’re at a dead-end, and as soon as a majority grasps this, degrowing the economy will become an easy step toward real sustainability and eventually the embrace of a money-free society.

It will take time to heal from all the conflicts generated by an ego associating itself with millennia of Darwinism and the fear of scarcity which do not need to be because even if we are mammals, we are not bound to the exact Natural Laws governing the animal’s kingdom.

Ooops, yes these Natural Laws work the same for every living organism but we do have the ability to interpret them at our own level of awareness.

We are in the process to fathom that Natural Laws want us to be the custodians of life above all and although this awakening will not go without pain, the aftermath could or will open the door to a real knowledge-based discipline and ultimately abundance.

It can be done, the ego can give in as soon as a new mindset gradually begins to replace the old one.

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