When Autism Made Cavemen Genuises

Darwin became completely unscientific. Humanity’s history must be rewritten!

If you are familiar with the site “Ancient Origins” you may also know that it has very heavy traffic. And this an important factor to propagate the coolness about being autistic. Though if you already have interacted with somebody having an Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), you have to be aware that it is difficult to establish an emotional connection. In general, people with ASD are compulsive and very self-centered.

22 OCTOBER, 2019 — Did Autism Make the Denisovans Savants of the Prehistoric Age?

The most intriguing tidbit of this article is that ASD is being used to claim that the Denisovans were extremely smart and genius-like cavemen capable of creating sophisticated jewelry such as this bracelet.

It strikes us as odd that 40,000 years old humans could achieve this level of precision, however. Where did they learn to craft the tools in the first place?

Please scrutinize the symmetry of this bracelet, while keeping in the back of your mind that the wheel was invented in 3,500 BC only. That does not make any sense.

How to justify such a long trime frame since the knowledge of geometry was already so much advanced 36,500 years prior to the discovery of wheel ?

That leave us with many question marks if we choose to believe the official story. It has no legs at all, but the other plausible story is that there were previous quite or very advanced civilizations around that time.

Then the article goes on about this Calendar round displaying the proposed grand calendrical system of the Altai-Baikal region, which is at least 24,000 years old.

Archeologists and historians want us to believe that ASD made them obsessed with certain mathematical patterns, which are well known in Sacred Geometry. They even ponder if the shamanic traditions across eastern Eurasia, could possibly derive originally from the savant-Denisovans… of course, this will remain a question floating around for many decades to come.

They also claim that the genes of Denisovans, by some miracle mutated, and made them autistic. But there is a huge issue with Darwin lately, and the dissent is growing:

GIVING UP DARWIN (MAY 2019) (this is the paragraph explaing why “sudden mutation theory” requires faith and turns out being completely unscientific)…… What proportion of these many polypeptides are useful proteins? Douglas Axe did a series of experiments to estimate how many 150-long chains are capable of stable folds — of reaching the final step in the protein-creation process (the folding) and of holding their shapes long enough to be useful. (Axe is a distinguished biologist with five-star breeding: he was a graduate student at Caltech, then joined the Centre for Protein Engineering at Cambridge. The biologists whose work Meyer discusses are mainly first-rate Establishment scientists.) He estimated that, of all 150-link amino acid sequences, 1 in 1074 will be capable of folding into a stable protein. To say that your chances are 1 in 1074 is no different, in practice, from saying that they are zero. It’s not surprising that your chances of hitting a stable protein that performs some useful function, and might therefore play a part in evolution, are even smaller. Axe puts them at 1 in 1077. In other words: immense is so big, and tiny is so small, that neo-Darwinian evolution is — so far — a dead loss. Try to mutate your way from 150 links of gibberish to a working, useful protein and you are guaranteed to fail. Try it with ten mutations, a thousand, a million — you fail. The odds bury you. It can’t be done……. MORE

How far will Academia go to conceal the real history of Humanity?

We deserve to know the Truth!



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