We Are Here To Learn About Fear!

Fear is the root cause of anything bad happening in our world

All ruling ideologies share something in common, and it is very troubling just thinking about it. Power is never an organic drive and requires very specific settings. Withholding knowledge causes lies to become systemic and then, of course, coercion. Both are bedfellows. Look at how FB is seeking to restrict political content to some (aka many) users because of the fear of civil disobedience.

It also is very noticeable that those less aware are also way more gullible because a lack of data often fuels anxiety. The more transparency, the more trust in each other and the system. When knowing what is really going on, valid solutions are also more accessible because the mind is in a state of creativity.

Lies on the other end, multiply uncertainty and play right in the hands of so-called experts initiating dubious policies sustaining fear.

Transhumanism itself is completely propelled by fear, and we expounded on that on several occasions already: take the “brain chip” and the “vaccine certificate” because it is inevitable that you will lose your privacy and become meaningless, irrelevant anyway!

How many do know that their minds are about to be taken over as we speak?

For fear to be applied scientifically, the Hegelian dialectic is required: problem, reaction, and solution.

We are here to learn about fear.

Why fear is divisive and segregates socially. Many assume that it is alright to earn more money when knowing more. But does it make it moral? It’s really awkward because trust should not be associated with meritocracy nor the power that goes along with it, but a deep sense of social justice, the ability to see that morality relies on Natural Laws essentially.

The mechanisms of fear have been understood since ever.

Grasping its inner workings is key to ending the crimes of the ruling ideology always resorting to using fear to get its way. It’s quite blatant that the covid crisis hides a much bigger issue:

that we are oblivious to the body-mind-spirit connection.

Regardless of the angle of observation, we choose to look at the picture from, fear is the enemy because the world is, on top of that, competition-driven. And what has it done? Please, sit back without pink-colored glasses and start assessing our state of affairs for a few minutes, then draw your own conclusions.

Several agendas are currently being implemented at once, and all connect using fear porn.

Then we have the metaphysical aspect of “Fear”. When induced knowingly, it opens the door to a “despicable evil” because when plunged into a long-term state of fear, choices are often fatal as the mind is ready to settle for quick fixes.

The ruling ideology gets a rush from it, mentally and physically. They simply despise Life. Just look at the state of the planet!

Those in the know also are the “gatekeepers” of the path to Good which is inaccessible, unless ready to defeat several Minotaurs, and risk everything for Life to triumph. Ancient Myths and their Archetypes are very enlightening when aware of what is taking place, even though they taught people so little millennia ago because back then most were illiterate

Of course, those tales were written by their elites, also making sure that people would never learn.

Fear is the root cause of anything bad happening in our world today because it systematically inverts anything that is Good, and people not aware of the inversion will end up defending immorality. There lies the pure evil aspect of fear. At this stage, all compartments of society have been tainted — some more than others — by the inversion of the Good.

Ending Fear is also ultimately very destructive when fully exposed for what is: the Older Order collapses along with most institutions that had been taken for granted. But we can turn this into a REBIRTH of our civilization and bring back abundance… if we dare roll up our sleeves and just go for it!



Brigitte Kayser — The Mind Awakened

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