The Trinity Of Peace: Awareness, Empathy, And Fairness

Nature gifted human beings with specific traits to help humanity thrive and develop a harmonious planet.

Lately, we have been pondering the concept of fairness and what it really entails because fairness cannot depend on subjectivity nor logic either but the awareness of several factors such as empathy and perception.

Making a fair assessment without empathy is simply impossible. Though that evaluation isn’t an easy task due to pervasive individualism affecting the attention span. Where our awareness goes foreshadows outcomes but without a solid grasp of the environment, empathy isn’t going to help much at all and will rather morph into quicksands quite fast.

How does the feedback loop work?
Empathy is the emotion and fairness is the action. All actions are regulated by feelings relying on individual perceptions of the outside world itself under the influence of “monetary stress” affecting empathy levels and therefore actions.

It has become completely blatant that we cannot win “their” game if playing by “their” rules, however. The more we chase materialism the more they control our lives. It has always been this way, it just wasn’t noticeable enough until now. In this sense, the dilemma is also very real: we live in a system that does not promote awareness, lacks empathy, and is therefore ruled by unfairness.

What is pretty amazing though is that Nature made sure that our awareness is unique and in sync with our own and also unique vibration, which is why controlling the narrative, hence perceptions, is the primary focus of every ruling ideology. Today, and as a result, empathy and fairness have become synonymous with “self-sacrifice”. Perceptions have been inverted by the manipulation of both ends of the political spectrum.

If you recall, the Left used to represent the hippie movement and women’s right to choose, today the same Left embraces corporate solutions to health and the environment. The Right which always tended to protect the unborn and big businesses now endorses the right to choose, stands against anything mandatory, and challenges pharma and big media. Stances disagreeing with the official narrative equates to “right-wing” according to the Left!

It is indeed very compelling to see how the Natural Law Of Polarity unfolds when understood. The latter demonstrates the illusions society goes through when interfering with the awareness that we desperately need to redirect our empathy and sense of fairness toward things that matter most.

It is now or never and we definitely can win this battle if we quit giving our material possessions the absolute priority. The harsh reality is that those who know more feel that it is fair to also earn more — and this inevitably perpetuates societal unfairness. Sure we all need shelter, clothing, and food but amassing more than we need is never going to bring about the peace we all long for. Nature gifted human beings with specific traits to help humanity thrive and develop a harmonious civilization but we are here to learn how to use our super-gifts first.

The time to act is upon us!



Brigitte Kayser — The Mind Awakened

Metaphilosophy, Metaphysics (Natural Laws), Economics, Social & Individual Healing, AI, Voluntaryism. Thought-provoking without running around the bush.