The Shamanic Meaning Of POISON

Sacrificing life to the altar of “success” has also put the biosphere on the brink

It is time to accept enlightenment as a guide, or we all are going to be gobbled up by the Matrix. And we mean it. It is time to accept the atrocious reality we’re in, and its falsehoods generated by gluttony, literally and figuratively speaking, and which has morphed our lives into a suicide mission.

“Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man.” ― Aristotle

Since childhood, the propaganda has worked insidiously to instill into our minds that we’re entitled to anything the world can offer… at the condition to be competitive enough to make it happen. Consumerism turned out to be a mirage and misery started spreading like cancer across the world.

Sacrificing life to the altar of “success” has also put the biosphere on the brink. Politics and economics won’t come to the rescue because their premises are designed to strengthen mass exploitation and control, to alter the environment so that we must rely on “synthetic food supplies”. What is the meaning of security when 85% of people are forced into servitude? It will not offer a safe haven to the remaining 15%. That will lead to more crackdowns simply because those with more need to protect themselves from the impoverished crowd.

The shamanic lesson here is rather blatant!

Every time we want more than what we need, we create a series of complex issues because Nature only acts as she unfolds. Keeping everything in balance is her primary task. And that means that our actions have to follow the same pace. Nature can shift abruptly at any time depending on the state of equilibrium to need to be restored. So if we plan too much ahead our projects will inevitably find themselves at odds with “the cosmic clock”. This is what has given, so far, the 0.1% the upper hand benefiting from the widespread ignorance of Natural Laws

According to Rudolph Steiner, the only ambition that should be taught to kids is to care about society by practicing enlighted selfless will. Steiner spelled enlighted this way. The ego loves competition and will often look at misery as a necessary evil, but few dare confront it. The ego will doom anything we hope for when not under tight control. We are here to learn about it.

In our view, practicing the “plant or toad medicines” is the fastest way to tame erroneous perceptions inflating the ego, although it is not for everybody.

Toxicity happens when we do not move in the right direction. Failing to address toxicity right away will make any issue grow exponentially. Sometimes issues are deemed dormant — not damaging enough or too big to remedy — until they explode in our faces. They never go away. The ruling ideology never resolves a thing but continually claims that there is a plan to fix the problems in the future. Corporate science — scientism — does exactly the same.

Becoming a hero has to be encouraged and become the new normal

The more we are to stand up, the less can be done against the freedom drive. The fewer heroes, the easier it is to persecute them. Long story short, we no longer are in a position to listen to our favorite Truth Seekers the whole day long, nor wait for new ones to be discovered either because the Universe is calling each of us out!

This is a Revolution with no leaders.



Brigitte Kayser — The Mind Awakened

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