The Pricing Of Money

A Second Look At Klaus Schwab’s Quote: “you’ll own nothing.”

Humanity is caught in a dilemma that cannot be resolved by the current paradigm because competition eventually fuels scarcity and is highly divisive. But it is also true that money is an energy and could help IF…If it was constantly circulated instead of being hoarded.

Either competition must stop to allow people to choose the system they want, and the two could even cohabitate for a while until the pros and cons are sorted out. Since money is data, withholding it amounts to withholding information and therefore creates unintended consequences. Many of which induce coercion and thus restrict freedoms. And once this is comprehended, a money-free world is no longer such a crazy idea at all.

The issue reveals another level of complexity, the “pricing of money.” What gives money value is that it can purchase “what” is deemed abundant very quickly. “Deemed” because it also can be used to create an illusion of abundance and scarcity as well.

As a matter of fact, the world has been in the hands of dark illusionists for many centuries and pricing currencies to suit their needs for total domination. They even have succeeded in linking the “pricing” to human biology, and we’re now discovering the horror of having become currencies ourselves.

Even local currencies are pegged to Wall Street’s currency valuations. So, where do we move from there? Sorry folks, the stock market will first have to be put out of business before being able to assess the price of any currency because today, anything we can think of is, literally, weaponized.

What we mean to say here is that “currency supporters” will have to go through the same ordeal as those in favor of a money-free world.

Society is facing a climax of its own making, which has been shaped by the idea that the solutions lie in the future: from one generation to the next, we always move forward oblivious to the necessities of the NOW. This short-sightedness is lethal and today contributes to the rise of technocracy.

Until we resort to philosophy to ponder our dire situation, technology will not bring about anything good but oblivion. The problem is that most people have difficulties fathoming the level of knowledge used against them hence the trap dead ahead. Fortunately, being all-knowing and omniscient is not necessary to end what is happening.

All it takes is to realize that tentacles of power are deceiving by nature. And this realization can occur within all levels of human awareness and relatively quickly, considering that global tyranny is entirely out of the closet.

We all are in the same boat. That is what Klaus Schwab implies when saying that we’ll own nothing… and he is technically right about that.




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