The Paradox Of Sexuality: Force vs Power — Part 1

In our materialistic society, Sexuality is generally used as a power tool, and it impedes Free Will over time. This series redefines humans’ electric emotions guided by opposing Forces revealing the Sacredness of Sexuality.

Every pair must become one to again become two. Men and women do not escape this two-way reciprocative law. Each becomes what the other is. Both are always compromising each other’s unbalance. If the two unbalances are equal and opposite, each type will survive and grow mentally, spiritually, and physically. If the two unbalanced mates are unequal in their opposition, the penalty is degeneration — mentally, spiritually, and physically. The quality of one mate is a compromise with the quality of the other — Walter Russell

Today the number of people consulting shrinks is staggering, and even though all couch-therapies lead to the sensitive examination of emotions and Sexuality, therapists have little understanding — if none at all — of what is going on on a cosmic dimension and whose effects are directly observable as its Prime Cause is ‘Electricity’, without which the Universe wouldn’t hold together. Being also the Blood of the Universe, Electricity rules over every existing atom, including the very Field of the Mind, as neurons electrically process emotions in a fashion that is therefore dual by nature.

A disharmony in thought processing instills a lack of critical Awareness. Such a brain is, of course, a lot more prone to be influenced as it has to cope with the same polarization mirrored by the environment back to it.

A balanced brain is characterized by its flexibility to weigh downsides and upsides in any train of thought, as nothing is neither entirely true nor false. Unfortunately, too much optimism often blinds one, and too much negativity often initiates a radical change for the better.

The philosophical issue at stake here is the following: Do we really need to go through states of blindness and radical changes? Since our physical reality implies that perfection doesn’t exist, the focus on limiting their occurrence as much as possible should remain a priority at all times, and it would make us happier as a result.

Relationships are an extension of the Self. Emotions are holographic. Crises happen when thoughts stick to old or rigid paradigms preventing Awareness from expanding, and causing not only collective but individual history to repeat themselves. Consequences are often quite harmful.

By adaptation to change it is meant coming to terms with what it is that cannot be altered or finding a compromise. So when a Mind continually seeks and welcomes new approaches, it can rightfully be assumed that such a Mind is in a state of Self-Love and of course, has more Free Will accordingly.

After all, the only Free Will that exists is the willingness to notice — or not. Being humans also implies that perfection cannot be attained, but knowing about such Mechanisms greatly improves the quality of our perceptions of the Whole and is thus enhancing inner and world peace.

Most people in a romantic relationship do not achieve Self-Love but rather seek a confirmation of their subjective reality, whereas Self-Love is an objective state of being continually challenged by deeply polarized social frameworks.

As a matter of fact, until age six or seven, children record everything they hear and see as if in hypnosis mode. Our reward-based system is a program. The latter too often determines the later life and makes Self-Love appear as a fantasy steadily eroding a relationship.

The lack of Objective Self Image eventually leads to the realization that Lovers appear different over time from who they were in the beginning — but in the process, they will gain insight into their polarized selves and be allowed to change if they want to.

Booms and Busts Of Sex Lives And Why You Were Not Told This!

To avoid the Lust and bondage entanglement, relationships cannot be approached with the gullibility found in movie cliches associating Sex with a miraculous band-aid formula. The more Lust at the beginning of a relationship, the more abrupt will be the awakening to the fact that it isn’t. This is because Sexuality is a paradox in itself. A Force and Power at once. With Sexuality comes easily the idea of possessing one another. To remain a Force and lead to expansion, its Metaphysics must be comprehended. There is no such thing as an innocent little fun unless expectations are stated clearly from the very beginning, before the first intercourse.

Most people start therapy because of their sex lives, often after a breakup, because they were never told that Sexuality is sacred and have confused Lust with love. Lust is a power game, and the game will last while it can…

Lust is about power; think about it. And who says power, says FEAR and TAKING. When the side effects of Lust begin to fade, the ‘intercourse blackmail’ becomes apparent, and emotional roller coasters often ensue. Anything is tried to get the ‘fix’ back to square one, and very often, at this stage, many will engage in some typical rejection-attraction behavior as the last hope. Such a pattern is nerve-racking. Unavoidably Lust is cursed to go bust, more or less rapidly and painfully, depending on the realization of what is going on and the understanding that lusty passion is a double-edged sword.

As a matter of fact, many fail to comprehend what is occurring and will therefore opt for adding another layer of confusion by projecting their frustrations, bringing about the worse character traits in those involved, instead of taking responsibility and beginning to probe why the inner Fear of Being took over. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to reverse the trend at this stage unless Awareness replaces resentment and sorrow.

Bondage is the mere continuation of Lust going bust when not acted upon it. When one has become addicted to the ups and downs of sexual and emotional drama at the risk of losing one Self. With bondage also comes the Fear of walking away as the loss of self-confidence erodes the willingness to restart from scratch. When the bondage is severe enough, the relationship may become sexless.

The patterns described here highlight the dilemma of all relationships as Sexuality is metaphysically the most powerful Force in the Universe, ruled by the Absoluteness of the Oneness Principle, which manifests Itself in the form of an orgasm symbolizing the Force of Creation.



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