The Nightmarish Legacy Of Millions Of Oil Wells

The FOLLY of Owning Nature…

Yes the MSM also happens to tell the truth and more than one would think, but that type of information so rarely makes the headline on TV, nor is it spun for years like the Russians interfering with the US elections or the Venezuelan conflict for example.

The article below, which we ran into a few weeks ago, is a 15 min read and it has to go viral! When the mainstream media silence such facts that could bring about a paradigm shift, we have to take the matter into our own hands. We do not need more corporate solutions at this stage but terminate what harms the homeostasis of the planet because it is our only true home.

The Oil Industry has poisoned just everything we can think of. We also have reported on several occasions that the mining industry is too extremely damaging to the ecosystem as a whole. Yes, let’s repeat that: all deep mining and drilling are very toxic to life. The renewable energy sector pushes for solar and wind turbines but the latter requires so much “rare earths” mining that the benefits become meaningless if factoring in the environmental costs.

Boom in Mining Rare Earths Poses Mounting Toxic Risks ( 2009) Please note the date of the Yale article release… 2009!

How is all this going to end?

It was a fairytale that industrialization turned into an absolute nightmare. Yes and let’s stress it again, this is the mind virus Wetiko destroying our civilization and we all participate in it at a different level. Not that we have to completely stop what we are doing but we definitely need to organize for the paradigm shift and fast.

Back to the article below…

How can regulators and engineers authorize the use of a toxic blend of hydrogen sulfide, a drilling byproduct, to be injected into the ground for decades at oil sites — and all over the world?

We, as consumers, couldn’t know what was really happening because the system teaches us to trust policymakers and work as much as we can to keep the capitalist economy roaring.

Though if we have the courage to look back, how does it all make us feel in the end, knowing that we have worked toward the day of reckoning and will most likely leave our kids and grandkids with the burden to regenerate the planet, a Herculean task considering that BigTech is restlessly working on our cyber prison despite the so many organizations defending our privacy laws?

The Quest For Profits Will Be Our Gaves

Of course, now that the planet is going broke, and the end of the petrodollar is in sight, and possibly another proxy War for natural resources in Ukraine, mayhem definitely lurks on the horizon.

But regulators have known this for decades, the Reuter article contends. The problem is ever-growing because fracking does as much damage. Abandoned wells jumped 12% since 2008.

This alone is enough to spark a global outrage with a massive call for carpooling while starting a class action against all the CEOs (or their descendants) that have benefited from the oil industry since the mid-1900s and demand the tribunal to strip them from most of their assets.

Such an action could be extended to all the people who have headed whatever department supposedly working for the protection of the environment and all other industry giants guilty of crimes against humanity and ecocide.

Yes, an authentic legal action to end the rule of 0.1%!

More than 3.2 million oil and gas wells are abandoned around the world and astonishingly UN officials are only starting to comprehend the problem.

What does that mean?

That we are governed by idiot-savants accepting bribes and thinking that it is how business is done.

This mindset must be terminated and “People Of The Earth” have to understand that “profits” do not exist in Nature. Any “carbon zero emission” and “tree planting” solutions are just subterfuges and distractions.

Money may only exist to measure outputs and inputs but once it is used for personal enrichment, bad things start happening.

To replace money we can create an accounting system — without rewards and incentives — so that we can keep track of our impact on Nature and our own working hours, to keep everything balanced.

Happiness does not rely on Consumptionism and a rat race but on life experiences and human exchanges.

Retrospectively and this is a very harsh reality check, capitalism never really improved the quality of life, and it is about time to admit that once and for all. It has destroyed the fabric of society and the human soul.

JUNE 16 2020 | Special Report: Millions of abandoned oil wells are leaking methane, a climate menace (Reuters)



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