The Multiple Personalities Of The Universal Mind

That there is an order in the Universe and that very order is made of absolute Truth.

The Great reformation of science is on its way and the old paradigm will not die with a whisper but a loud bang. Centuries of misconceptions that need to be fixed will give birth to different approaches, though not new, and hopefully much less dogmatic. By dogmatic, we merely refer to standards set by whatever monopoly enforcing consensuses.

Right now ideas and concepts are thrown at us as if in search of an audience and although many seem enticing, we should keep in the back of our minds that this knowledge was protected by the Mystery Schools and then, later on, fell in the hands of secret societies which used the latter to manipulate society’s perceptions.

The Mystery Schools were once the guardians at the gate because those in the know, way back in ancient times, figured that the average population wouldn’t be able to conceptualize the notion of cosmic truths.

The Technology Review here below now tells us that objective Reality does not exist, and we seriously beg to differ: there is an objective Reality and which is that of Natural Laws, and the fact is that we must operate within these laws or deal with the aftermaths. Since the Law of Cause and Consequence exists, the latter definitely proves that Reality is objective. That there is an order in the Universe and that very order is made of absolute Truth.

Truth is Reality and has nothing to do with individual perceptions. It exists outside the subjective realm. In this sense, the more we understand Natural Laws, the better we can conceptualize reality. As we see it, it is the deficient level of awareness generated by societal conformity and materialism that prevents us from understanding Reality. It just is that our consensuses are still too childlike to “fathom” its scale and accept it as Truth.

So when the Technological Review contends that the scientific method is fatally flawed, this is a half-truth. To fix that research just needs to operate within the paradigm determined by Natural Laws. As a matter of fact, if we’d acknowledge their existence, we’d all be seeing the same conclusions and interpretations because we’d be dealing with the Truth. All creativity would be geared toward the same goal, the betterment of humanity.

Division only occurs when we cannot overcome subjectivity.

Now on the multiple personalities dilemma of the universe. False again, there are none because Truth is non-contradictory. Truth is also equilibrium. This faulty perception arises from our fragmented education. But we happen to contradict ourselves quite often in the quest for our life purpose. Though every contradiction should lead to the understanding that each point of view is a different pixel of the same big picture. Once this is realized, contradictions cease to be and are replaced with the comprehension that we all mirror one another and can extrapolate on the cosmos by just thinking of our very selves.

Did the Universe stimulate itself into existence? We are going to agree here because our thoughts precede every action. We are the Universe discovering and experiencing Itself, but the difference is that the Cosmic Engine has programmed itself to achieve self-love, a state of non-contradiction… and this explains where we are at. We’re about to enter a very turbulent phase that will eventually make us realize that fears are masking our poor self-image and lack of self-respect.

The paradigm shift will be experienced collectively.

(2018) Are we all multiple personalities of universal consciousness?
Bernardo Kastrup proposes a new ontology he calls “idealism” built on panpsychism, the idea that everything in the universe contains consciousness. He solves problems with this philosophy by adding a new suggestion: The universal mind has dissociative identity disorder.

(2020) New hypothesis argues the universe simulates itself into existence
The physical universe is a “strange loop” says the new paper titled “The Self-Simulation Hypothesis Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics” from the team at the Quantum Gravity Research, a Los Angeles-based theoretical physics institute founded by the scientist and entrepreneur Klee Irwin. They take Bostrom’s simulation hypothesis, which maintains that all of reality is an extremely detailed computer program, and ask, rather than relying on advanced lifeforms to create the amazing technology necessary to compose everything within our world, isn’t it more efficient to propose that the universe itself is a “mental self-simulation”? They tie this idea to quantum mechanics, seeing the universe as one of many possible quantum gravity models.

(2019) Physicists have long suspected that quantum mechanics allows two observers to experience different, conflicting realities. Now they’ve performed the first experiment that proves it.
Back in 1961, the Nobel Prize–winning physicist Eugene Wigner outlined a thought experiment that demonstrated one of the lesser-known paradoxes of quantum mechanics. The experiment shows how the strange nature of the universe allows two observers — say, Wigner and Wigner’s friend — to experience different realities. Nevertheless, the work has important implications for the work of scientists. “The scientific method relies on facts, established through repeated measurements and agreed upon universally, independently of who observed them,” say Proietti and co. And yet in the same paper, they undermine this idea, perhaps fatally.



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