The Most Dangerous Superstition: Man-Made Codes Of Conduct


Fake Authority is the source of societal trauma.

Yesterday we caught a very telling ABC headline: the corporate monster is out of the closet for good, their cohort of lobbies can now be laid off. The commerce of life has weaponized anything we can think of: politics, health, climate, sociology… and so on, and of course while invoking the greater good argument.

WASHINGTON — Verizon and AT&T have rejected a request by the U.S. government to delay the rollout of next-generation wireless technology…. the telecommunications executives said Sunday that further delays requested by the government would harm their customers (ABC JAN 5, 2022)

Every concept comes along with its remedy if sticking to the premise of sovereignty and that’s the upside. But fake authority always finds ways to bypass the latter. Although it is possible to assess the transhumanism agenda quite clearly, we’ve to comprehend that the internet was never meant to set us free but organize the technocratic takeover and track our every move. The checkmate is inevitable unless freeing ourselves from authority but a majority must reject it. Isolated actions have never worked out.

Fake Authority is the source of all societal traumas.

And when we say all, we mean 90% of them because the system is an attack on sovereignty since birth. Our birth certificate is proof that we are commodified by the “state corporation”. As soon as we get our name, banks can extend their credit lines, and most individuals run on the debt treadmill their entire life. We have already explained in length why credit is the very reason for the monetary system to exist as a means of control by the simple fact that it is can be hoarded. If this aspect could be avoided, money wouldn’t create social classes and economic booms-bust cycles eliminated but the economy would also stagnate because Nature always seeks equilibrium. So we really have to ponder from here.

As soon as we accept fake authority consent is taken away from us. All that is left is the power of the NO. We can no longer afford to fear the consequences and must coordinate or the isolated freedom fighters will continue to pay the heavy price.

The problem is that we don’t get along enough because human connections have been poisoned by “bags of conditions” as we explained in our previous blog Seeking Unconditional Love… With A Bag Of Conditions.

Thinning out our relationships and friendships to secure what is perceived as “safer” is very tempting but doing so has also worsened our situation. Unless money is needed for survival, most would rather avoid interacting because of a mindset still endorsing some form of authority. That of the mainstream media comes to mind. Thinking outside the box still bears consequences.

We have been there and done that but know that practicing self-acceptance and forgiveness on a daily basis is absolutely key — and we can assure you that it is challenging. On a grand scale, getting rid of this “bag of conditions” is everybody’s life purpose. Our 3rd dimension is the realm of the ego and how we can learn to tame it. The Cosmic Game is the same for everybody but approached from various angles and perspectives.

We know that it is what needs to be practiced for humanity to come together. Instead, philosophical individualism has taught society to stigmatize those taking the bull by the horns and see such an attitude as either a sign of (dangerous) craziness or unattainable sainthood. Jiddu Krishnamurti too had his detractors accusing him of being a fake guru.

Fake authority is an absolute illusion because it only can be maintained when a majority lives in fear. And perpetuating fear is impossible without lies. The most common fear is that without authority, the world would be thrown into chaos. Well, the transition could be brutal but would immediately find a “new balance” motivated by a need for harmony.

As a matter of fact, if looking at the current conditions, chaos is now all around us.

Lastly, there are two forms of authority.

The Cosmic Authority which is a set of Natural Laws that sustains life throughout the Universe and Earthian codes of conduct that humans thrust upon each other, which treat us as mere commodities and condemn individuals to exploit one another.

If a system needs to ever further exploit Nature to validate itself then we eventually become the victims of that very premise. Here is an example: our smartphones require toxic mining and child labor. A basic cellphone might cost around $5,000 (and possibly more) if environmental and health damages were factored in. Having a smartphone would be then associated with luxury. But it needed to be as cheap as possible to monitor every human.

Competition has also trained us to pigeonhole people very quickly as a defense mechanism because we all are traumatized by the system at various levels. The paradox with “fake authority” is that it makes us always find a good reason to accuse others of what we are doing at some other level, and for the very reason that individuals always try to do anything they can to cheat the system. Fake authority and moral relativism are bedfellows, therefore: injustice lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Our system can’t be fixed and it is time to come together and reject “fake authority”!

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