The Morality Of The Universe

Any action that does not comply with “life first” comes back with a vengeance!

Moral Relativism is an absolute scourge because it essentially condones the mindset that there is no right nor wrong. But we beg to differ because this stance has fueled the worst paradoxes ever generated by humanity.

Indeed, and we see this with the covid crisis: leaders call for tyrannical measures to save the world while still being engaged in the financing and commerce of weapons. And that very conflicting mindset is at the core of cognitive dissonance and social divide as well.

The death of Moral Relativism is necessary for society to get along. And this can be changed in one generation.

The Universe is made of several very fundamental Truths, which when not comprehended always cause widespread suffering and chaos. Any action that does not comply with “life first” comes back with a vengeance because everything is interconnected.

Neglecting some aspects because things don’t go according to plan, at first sight, is no longer an option. That is what corporate science has been doing over the last century, and the aftermaths are horrendous.

In the Universe, everything balances itself out sooner or later.

One of the most blatant examples is for sure the development of cultures all around the world and managed by patriarchy. In most countries, women and girls are still regarded as commodities. In the so-called free West, we tend to blast the latter and be outraged by certain foreign customs. But upon a close examination though, the reality is that the West is the biggest purveyor of pornography not only destroying its own culture but harming many others.

The “Me Too” movement has proven, however, that society has not improved much at all since women’s emancipation became recognized. Last year the EU parliament was debating the “Age Of Sexual Consent Soon at13”, where does it leave us? In some countries, young girls are forced into sexual slavery while in other ones, they are encouraged.

This is Moral Relativism at its finest.

And not so strangely, sexual behaviors have a lot to do with it because they generally manifest and mirror the respect for the gift of life. It is only when we’ll be able to understand the function of Genders that we’ll finally be able to come up with real solutions to heal the biosphere since the planet is a Feminine Energy. The planet will give us enough to live comfortably as long as we care about life.

Any form of pillage will continue to end in tears or worse lead to a civilization collapse.

That alone is irrefutable evidence that Nature’s sense of morality cannot be doubted.

After all, Life starts with the mating of the elements, and all actions in Nature are geared toward creativity, therefore. We might find cruel predators hunting prey,s but until the industrialization era began, the planet was lush with life. The ecosystem has been under attack since then. This also greatly highlights the dangers of technology when used selfishly, for personal gain.

Nature does not grasp the word “hoarding” and gives indiscriminately.

Yes, some species hoard to survive winters or because they must continually groom thousands of larvae, but that is pretty much it. But we, humans, are defying such Natural Laws then wonder why the equilibrium has been disrupted and how we are going to fix the problems caused by that very mindset.

This is sick!

At The Truthful Planet, when we think in terms of “culture”, we only see the fashion and cuisine, but that is pretty much it. Not the ideas that vehiculate particular customs. As we see it all cultures continue to fail their own people, and which why is our civilization is walking on a tightrope. Tribal people have for sure their own sets of problems too but don’t harm their environment.

This is not just covid, well covid is just a catalyst no matter how we look at it.

The topic is abortion also comes to mind, and we agree that it should remain available as a last resort.

A non-patriarchal society wouldn’t teach both genders to handle their genitals like “pleasurable machines” but the “conscious act of intercourse”. Many western women eventually end up aborting because they didn’t think that much of the consequences. In high-density countries like India and China, female fetuses do not stand much chance of being born because having a girl is a cultural burden. Moral Relativism will not make anybody right.

And then to add to the injury, aborted fetal cells find their way into the marketplace, in beauty supplies, and even food additives. Where is morality in all this?

Moral Relativism cannot teach respect for life because it essentially preaches individualism, that the end justifies the means as long as actions are validated by man-made laws. But this has resulted in aberrations such as the freedom of association (aka collusion) at the expense of the whole and the ensuing loss of integrities. But Moral Relativism taught us to admire the successful (regardless of their crimes), and the Celebrity Cult became one of the most lethal distractions.

Soon or later, we’ll have to accept that Nature knows better the difference between right and wrong. Morality is inherently molded by Natural Laws: anything that does not further life has to be rejected as this new awareness will continue to sink in and expand.

Yes, mistakes will be made, but the Universe is really patient when we demonstrate the ability to honor life and are devoted to it.



Brigitte Kayser — The Mind Awakened

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