The Mind And Quest For Truth: The 7 Immutable Principles

Cosmic Electric Fields governing the Universe are sentient, and define all human behaviors!

The Mystics had already established thousands of years ago, that the microcosm and macrocosm were alike. As above so below, as in the Heavens so on Earth. Zooming endlessly into outer space with a mega-telescope, or an atom with a super-powerful microscope would just lead to the same observation: both experiments would assess the vastness of space filled with Aether and invisible electric fields. By the same token, it is what any quest for the Truth will too conclude, that life, emotions, and knowledge are pure Energy!

So it shouldn’t be surprising to find a correspondence between the brain and the structure of the Universe; they are strikingly identical. Several years ago, a computer simulation established that the universe may grow like a giant brain. To paraphrase, it is now assumed that the same fundamental laws (may) govern the growth of systems large and small, from the electrical firing between brain cells and the growth of social networks to the expansion of galaxies.

The Laws Of Creation

The Laws of Creation are defined by the physical properties of electricity. So, it really gets extremely compelling when probing the Hermetic Kybalion, an esoteric discipline, which asserts that the 1st Principle of Creation is Mentalism, that the Mind is the starting point of everything, and thus determines Action. The obvious similarities between the macro and micro represent the 2nd Principle.

1. The Principle of Mentalism.
2. The Principle of Correspondence.
3. The Principle of Vibration.
4. The Principle of Polarity.
5. The Principle of Rhythm.
6. The Principle of Cause and Effect.
7. The Principle of Gender.

Man cannot ignore nor bend these Laws, which ultimately prove that the Universe is sentient.

For now, just know that without the awareness of these Principles, man cannot survive as a species. He needs to learn how to think very far ahead because each of his actions affects the Whole as the 7 Principles constantly interact.

On a human scale, the 2nd Principle teaches that anything, either positive or negative, happening on the other side of the planet, will eventually spread if not acted upon — while growing exponentially. Of course, when a chain of events is positive, we can expect an accelerated betterment of society. Humanity cannot turn a blind eye to any abuse and violence, or it will face its own day of reckoning. The Principles are powerful Forces that we must embrace to heal Humanity. They are Divine Energies.

Since our emotions derive from either Fear or Love, it has become urgent to do something about it. Standing up against any form of coercion taking place around the world starts by doing the same at home. Thinking locally is thinking globally.

The series will stress why the 7 Principles are antagonistic to over-consumerism, simply because “money is power”, and that power is dismantled/dissolved by the Principles over time as the Latter is not set to be regulated by Fear… but Love… what also makes the case for social voluntaryism.

Many find the concept and the reality of Natural Laws a real headache because they feel like they may lose the power over their thoughts, actually, quite the contrary happens once we endorse them: there is a sense of security developing within, which thus induces a pleasant feeling. Walking with the Universe makes one discover an incredible mental strength that comes along with the loss of irrational fear. Some fear has to exist as we need to sense and see dangers.

3. The Principle of Vibration

Vibration is a property of Electricity. The Electric Universe Theory is making huge leaps ahead as you read this but academia is just too frightened to admit it was wrong all the way long. You see, Vibration proves that Matter is alive and scientism wants the monopoly on Life, hence preaching atheism to scientists. Because all cells of the human body vibrate in sync with earth’s vibration, which in turn vibrates in sync with that of the sun…. and so on with our solar system vibrations in sync with that or the Milky Way…. yes, the science of Sound/Vibration/Frequency is INFINITE!

4. The Principle of Polarity

Although the 7 Principles become harmful when not mastered, here comes the most dangerous of all: Polarity, which first translates into any “social divide and rule“, such as the right vs the left in politics and the main drive behind just any war. But why is the Principle Of Polarity so dangerous when ignored?

Because it is at the core of the separation between Matter and Spirit manifested by the Cosmic Abandonment experienced at the moment of birth, that comes along with the separation from the womb: the baby no longer is one with his mother. This fear (of being) has deep ramifications on the human psyche and makes it very easily prone to external manipulation. Let’s look around and admit it; society is deeply polarized. Groupthink and cliques of all kinds are very fond of the motto: if you are not with us, you are against us. They all are pushing the world toward the edge of a cliff!

The area in which The Principle of Polarity is perhaps the most acute is sexuality because the Male and Feminine Principles merge during intercourse and tend to increase polarized perceptions about the relationship, which is often called “passion”. That is precisely why passion rarely/never ends well. More will be said about it in the next chapter when tackling the Principle of Gender.

Polarity, when not understood, causes subjectivity and induces moral relativism, which is the major reason for our planetary ills since ever. Dualism is the philosophical interpretation of Polarity. Falling into the trap of dualism is like wandering a maze because everything has a dual interpretation and is divisible ad infinitum! This will bankrupt mainstream philosophy and psychology eventually.

Dualism ceases as soon as the Principles of Correspondence and Mentalism are recognized; both are essential to reconcile the paradoxes generated by Polarity. More positively, without The Principle Of Polarity, we would not be able to see that the whole is one and otherwise, nor that micro and macro are identical. Without Polarity (found in magnetism and holding atoms and the Universe together) Life would not exist and Man would not be able to understand the inherent problem with coercion. This means that if failing to understand all this, life will continue to generate negative side-effects exponentially. We are witnessing today the logical outcome when oblivious to the Divine Forces ruling overall life within this perpetually Creating Universe.

5. The Principle of Rhythm.

The Principle of Rhythm (or Pendulum) is inherent to that of Vibration.

The oscillations between waves are set by the intensity of the latter. Any living organism emits waves so oscillations are too a Natural Law: This is called the Principle of Rhythm. The 4th Natural Law. And at another level, the same oscillations are behind motions like the tides or even seasons; all go through a cycle and then come back to their initial point. In human thinking, there is one very popular and century-old quote that is now making a lot of sense: what comes around goes around, is how the Law Of Rhythm has been perceived throughout the ages.

Of course, it is also important to grasp that the Law Of Rhythm can bring about all good. Because if bad actions come back to haunt us, eventually at some point (and often future generations pay the price for the current mistakes), good actions set into motion can be returned by as many folds. The only stake here is to be able to recognize good from bad action.

The Greater Good will always manifest in the absence of coercion. Perfection does not exist, so the least coercive society is the less violent it is.

6. The Principle of Cause and Effect

That every action set into motion has a consequence is pretty obvious. Everybody knows such examples. One often has to wait for months or even years before the consequence manifests itself. That is precisely why many tend to support the same intellectual and philosophical flaws…while expecting different results. Inaction is too action: a choice of non-action, which has as many far-reaching consequences, as much as the wrong (re)action.

The Cause and Effect will always aggravate and amplify any problem until it is taken care of rationally. The aggravation can be especially quite severe if The Principles of Polarity, Rhythm, and Correspondence are not taken into account. The Principles really work in concerto continually. But it is up to the Mind to make that very observation first and command accordingly.

After all the only Free Will that exists is which to “notice or not”. Free Will is not about doing or not what one thinks is suitable at any given moment but learning how to walk on the “thin line” shaped by Natural Laws. If one knows how the latter works, Free Will has really nothing to do with the “spur of the moment” but sitting down and thinking far ahead before committing to any action, precisely because what comes around, goes around.

7. The Principle of Gender

This Principle tells us that Gender is in every living organism. Even the human thinking mode, since we all have a left and right brain hemisphere. Creation made it so, so we’d be able to decode knowledge in the form of electric impulses and as a gift to avoid Darwinian thinking.

Alex Gray Painting

This Principle is pretty simple but extremely subversive when society uses it to dictate sexual behaviors. To dictate women’s sexual behaviors, the world has mainly known patriarchal societies for the most part. So, why is that? Truth be told the Female Principle is a very powerful generative natural law that has been suppressed on purpose.

So when we scrutinize how Genders have been manipulated over the centuries, the current “gender-neutral” trend comes to mind, as it is highly damaging to children.

(to be continued, next: A New Take On The Law Of Attraction)



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