The Inconvenient Truth About Umbilical Cords

The Dangers Of Clamping The Umbilical Cord Too Fast

In this blog, we’re tackling the routine medical practice to sever the umbilical cord right after birth. We also hope that you will share this article far and wide because the future health of (your) newborns is definitely at risk.

Unfortunately, the origin of that very risk is mainly induced by our business model.

Well, you know, business as usual. That kind of business.

If we look closer we quickly realize that the stem cell industry is always in need of new cures but that does not add up because depriving newborns of their own stem cells moments after birth may weaken their immune system later in life. The aberration (and cynicism) here is that particular stem cells are sold to treat people whose immune system is gravely compromised.

So the question here is why doesn’t science try to prevent diseases in the first place?

Of course, speaking of “umbilical cords” is not a daily concern among people, and unless one is expecting a newborn, it is pretty understandable, though this piece of data is vital knowledge and should be absolutely known by the time any adolescent reaches high school.

The tide is changing too slowly. Even though some experts today contend that it is better to delay clamping the umbilical cord by a few minutes when the birth is premature, a few will recognize that full-term babies could also benefit and that more parents should request that the cord not be cut.

The mainstream consensus is that giving the baby too much blood could be hazardous… Can you believe this, knowing that millions of animals are born in the wilderness every day and keep their umbilical cords for hours? In the meantime, the newly born will receive all the blood rich in stem cells it needs.

The human umbilical cord seals off after 1 hour and there is a reason why Nature made it this way, to signal when the cord can be clamped, and to make sure that all the stem cells have been transferred. They are necessary for the baby to grow up and develop a “strong” immune system. This is thus cost-free medical insurance for the baby.

The other consensus is that cutting the umbilical cord cut right after birth, helps the baby breathe, and of course, this is a distortion. The truth is that umbilical cords are collected for the Stem Cell Industry, which is a growing and multi-billion industry!

Paradoxically when investigating further, Stem Cell Research claims to alleviate risks associated with transplants, among other things. Transplants are too often needed for patients with diabetes and heart disease, and other ailments too often linked to our senseless lifestyles.

The video below states that cord blood transfusion can help cure cancer, metabolic diseases, immune diseases, and solid tumors

Every newborn deserves to get his own stem cells. It should be made a birthright!

So where do we go from here?

Right, it does mean that medical research sees no wrongdoing compromising newborns’ long-term health at birth but tries to rescue the people who have poor diets, consume junk and processed food, and drink lots of sodas.

How does that make sense?

That’s how a for-profit system operates. Even the American Academy of Pediatrics discourages both, delaying the severance of the umbilical cord and its blood storage unless the baby has a genetic defect.

We seriously doubt that a trend of parents bypassing obsolete mainstream advice is growing because there is still much advertising for Stem Cell Research and which continues raking in billions of dollars.

For the system to change, a new mindset is necessary. We need to begin looking for solutions outside the box and understand the dark and sinister consequences of commodifying Life as a whole.



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