The Hidden Dangers Of Lust

Sex sells, and it’s no secret… but mainstream Psychology took (almost) everybody for a ride!

The commercialization of sexuality is everywhere because we live in a society profiting from life, and this is a “left-brain” characteristic. Such a society is not nurturing but essentially narcissistic-oriented. The success of social media has only added to the injury. Narcissism has become a huge topic these days. But the latter is a mere symptom.

Promiscuity, however, is another left-brain behavior that should be ‘consumed’ with the appropriate awareness as it induces the idea that bodies as mere objects and orgasm machines disconnecting from the Self. Being disconnected from their inner self, many promiscuous individuals seek above all to run across a very special encounter that will make them change as that very disconnect is always emotionally frustrating.

Porn and emotions just do not mix. Consumerism often ruins sex lives, which is why the porn industry is an almost $100 billion business worldwide. Porn is sold as a bandaid or remedy, which it is not. The Commerce of Sex sensationalizing orgasmic bliss increases the addictive need for lust, which is the materialistic expression of Sex, hence causing relationships more trouble. Sex cannot be used as a daily relief from inner tensions, although it is what the field of psychology generally recommends.

Old psychology studies aren’t reliable, says a new study (2015) A recent review published in the journal Science shows that only about 35 percent of the psychology studies published in the year 2008 could be successfully replicated in a lab.

This is for 2008 alone. It does mean, however, that psychology is far from being accurate and depends more on social conditioning and individual knowledge determined by several consensuses.

As soon as Sex begins to involve deeper emotions, relationships become intrinsically a lot more complex, and sexuality will slowly begin to reveal one’s weaknesses rather than one’s qualities. With passion also comes the fear of losing one’s new lover or mate. And fear is going to extract first all our insecurities from deep within, which lovers usually appease with promises of a (long-term) commitment.

A sex drive based on highs instead of respect cannot thrive because at some point the possession games will expose their boundaries. It is interesting to notice, however, that for centuries women were usually taught to be “territory” and men “promiscuous.” While feeling unhappy with their love or sex lives, people are lacking knowledge about the purpose of Sexuality, and why it is the Generative Principle of the Universe. And the same errors are repeated from one generation to the next, inducing the idea that it is just like how life and relationships are. Especially when mainstream psychology promotes falsehoods and lauds books such as “Women Are From Venus And Men From Mars.”

ps: this series aims at promoting a return to genuine relationships in a world that is overconsuming sex and driving men and women farther apart



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