The DNA Story You’d Have Known Before Your First One Night Stand


You will never see sexuality the same way ever again…

Your sexual partners DNA can and may in fact not only become incorporated into a female’s DNA, it can also affect a future unborn child. This is called Microchimerism (abbreviated Mc) which is the presence of a small number of cells that originate from another individual and are therefore genetically distinct from the cells of the host individual. The word microchimerism is derived from the Greek chimera who was a mythological creature composed of parts of various animals like that of the head of a lion, the belly of a goat, and the tail of a dragon or serpent. (link below)

Those familiar with our blog know that we also tackle the agenda controlling people’s lives through their most intimate sexual desires and this column is meant to take you down the beginning of a rabbit hole. Sex is as much powerful as money and what is said here below is going to evidence this very fact.

As we already explained, Patriarchy vs Matriarchy is not a “man” issue per se but the result of “a few people” who have always known as how to “manipulate” both, the right and left brains. This is a metaphysical matter. Society is definitely left-brained (dominance and competition-oriented) today and has been so for millennia, but with the rise of Christianity and later Islam, patriarchy took another turn for the worse with the virginity of Mary and then Mary-Magdalena the whore who became consensuses in the early Middle Ages. And even prior to that, in the Garden Of Eden, Eve was too blamed for the fall of man after her dealing with the Serpent and her bite into the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge.

It is not without a reason that it was that very specific Tree! But was the Serpent truly evil? We really don’t think so considering that the DNA is in fact represented by a serpent in many myths (Sumerian and Ancient Egyptian among others) and doctrines such as Hinduism. All the rivers lead to the ocean after all.

Scientists Have Observed Epigenetic Memories Being Passed Down For 14 Generations The most important set of genetic instructions we all get comes from our DNA, passed down through generations. But the environment we live in can make genetic changes, too — sciencealert

The Medical Caduceus also adopts the same imagery with the DNA-Serpent shaped scepter. This knowledge has actually existed since the dawn of time and has been concealed throughout the centuries. One has to probe esoterica to become aware of it.

The Serpent gave Eve the secret to procreate knowingly and wanted her to transmit the teachings of Sacred Sexuality, and why the female gender must be highly respected, or else… the lineage will suffer. This notion of lineage may sound a little bigotted but long story short, when seeing that dysfunctional relationships have clearly become the norm, we ought to wonder seriously. It has nothing to do with intercultural dating but rather the emotional makeup being passed down to the next generations — as war and competition have molded humanity’s history.

The ignorance of this Knowledge for whatever reason has to go because what is sold as “irresistible lust” today has brought about much cognitive dissonance, unhappiness, not to mention gender conflicts: many women have adopted feminism as a vengeance. And what has resulted in either man going into exile or embracing passivity when dating or getting committed. Another consequence is also Narcissism and which many psychologists write so much about these days.

Those in the know throughout the centuries did a terrific job at mortally stabbing The Nurturing Principle obviously. What also coincides with the success of Islam and the virgin status of Aisha, the 9yo wife of the prophet which still leaves many scholars speculating on as to whether the marriage was consumed or not, though we’ll not go there. In our view, outdated religions are part of the problem.

This obsession with virginity has for sure fueled pedophilia and underage sex for many centuries, boys’ virginity being much sought as well. Patriarchal paganism was also preoccupied with it. This is to say how deep the unconscious roots of our educational programming really are, and which we still carry within as they are encoded in our DNA.

Women from the upper class didn’t have to deal as much with it throughout history as they just had more privileges. As always the middle and poor classes were the most affected by this century-long discrimination against women, but that was part of the testosterone agenda so that men could focus more on bloody invasions enriching their kings. Keeping genders apart has done wonders from a top elite perspective. The manipulation going both ways.

And the Gregorian calendar which replaced the Lunar Calendar, based on the Moon cycles, was another mortal attack on the Feminine.

Long story short, we do not know what is the best strategy to fix this very important matter but if money could just be abolished, we feel that the issue would find an immediate and spontaneous resolution, due to the end of the competition, with the help of more women and men coming forward and speaking out from their hearts of course. But since everything is about power and the concentration of wealth in the hands of a few, we have to consider the termination of money as an essential part of the remedy.

We need positive and negative energies just like the yin and yang symbol because that is just how electromagnetism works. There is only balance when the negative fully matches the positive otherwise as they are complementary forces. Positive and negative are necessary for electricity to circulate. It is surely difficult to remain centered but that’s the only way to go to avoid being pushed around from one side of the spectrum to the other constantly, which induces emotional rollercoasters impacting decision making.

When you think about it, society is trained to only focus on what is pleasurable and of course, this perception is too manipulated by the media and the porn industry. The controllers are very aware of this esoteric aspect, that emotions are pure physics. In that sense, the law of attraction (think positive to attract positive) is an utter fallacy, yet this is continually used as a carrot and the stick in politics!

Semen secrets: How a previous sexual partner can influence another male’s offspring

Women May Carry the DNA of All Their Sexual Partners

GNOSTICWARRIOR: It deals with your DNA, and imposter male gooey semen in the form of DNA of people that can infiltrate your blood through the sacred act of sex when that is often absolutely the last thing you would ever want to happen. This science gives a new meaning to one night stands being that there really is no such thing as a one night stand when sexual partners swap semen and DNA with one another. They are not just forming a one day sexual union of animalistic fueled passion, but a life long connection in which they may in fact be forever connected through the tree of life that we know of as DNA.

I assume these laws were not just done to control their citizens and keep peace, but to control the integrity of their race. Now we have the genetic science to prove these theories. As I mentioned, what I speak of here is a science and it is now being proven as a fact. Scientists have discovered that many women are carrying multiple male Y-chromosome gene sequences in their DNA. Just in case you didn’t know, women are supposed to only carry female Mitochondrial or mtDNA.

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