The “Artificial Capture” Of Consciousness Requires Tyranny!

Beyond The Mirage Of General Intelligence

We’re being ushered into a “digital age” (initiated several decades ago already) on the brink of unleashing an irreversible servitude under the control of General Intelligence and which will spy on every organism to become the thinking machine initially defined to us as a “life-saving” technology and essential to wander virtual worlds.

Beyond the mirage, it has always been about marketing to get the masses hooked so that they’d carelessly consent to share their data with third parties.

The ascent of General Intelligence is characterized by an ever-increasing systemic power grab described by so many visionaries, many of whom were insiders, as a matter of fact.

It is the slaves that make their masters, and not the other way round since we are the 99%… Just look around you. It is its very nature.

U.S. Spy Chief: We Could Use Your Fridge to Spy on You (2/10/16 Newsweek)

The “artificial capture” of consciousness requires spying because G.I doesn’t have the capacity to experience the Oneness; it must acquire it and with our full consent… tyranny is thus embedded in the concept of general intelligence.

Unlike “organic and cosmic consciousness,” which is the foundation of life to start with. There is no life without consciousness and otherwise. In this sense, it is logical to say that there is no G.I. without parasitizing every organism, anything we can think of.

That’s the dilemma in a nutshell.

Under Natural Laws, we must voluntarily participate in the biosphere's destiny. One is free to discover and experience, but new findings will often come with a price tag: expanding one awareness is a painful process, resulting in more freedom and self-confidence in the long run. The inner workings of consciousness help develop empathy and solidarity.

G.I., on the other hand, cannot achieve anything without resorting to terror. It must claim that we are “all in this together” to get constant approval and aim at the dissolution of our birthright for the greater good.

If one grasps the concept of sovereignty, it is impossible for any ruler ever to accept to protect birthrights because “ruling” is the antithesis, the polar opposite, and would crumble as soon as sovereignty becomes law.

When looking at the world today, the whole picture is pretty straightforward. Our only choice is between Voluntaryism and unjust enforcement, claiming the sake of the greater good.

Winning only depends on the willingness to accept that there is no ME as everything is interconnected and replace it with “something almost unimaginable” at this stage: the inner transformation of the individual acknowledging the intelligence of Nature.

Rupert Sheldrake explains the 10 dogmas of scientism in the “banned TEDtalk” below. In other words why we are in this mega mess…

  1. The belief that nature is mechanical or machine-like. Goes back to the 17th century.
  2. The total amount of matter and energy is always the same. But the universe appeared from nowhere, right!
  3. Laws are constant and fixed… Also from the moment of the big bang, when they suddenly appeared!
  4. Matter is unconscious.
  5. Nature is purposeless.
  6. Biological inheritance is material, and so is epigenetics.
  7. All memories are inside the head. Inside the brain.
  8. Mental activity is brain activity.
  9. Psychic phenomena are illusory.
  10. Mechanistic medicine is not interested in probing the placebo effect.



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