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The Poor Mental Health Of Society Has Become OUR Issue

We just ran into this two-minute animation and had an awe moment when hearing that all DNA/RNA on earth depends on these molecular machines that have no brain cells nor hearts.

The scientific method could ponder for 1000s of years and still be unable to figure that one out. How long are we going to accept the theory that Life just popped out of nowhere or that it is not the duty of science to find any explanation for the mystery of Life?

Yes, let that sink in for a moment and ponder all the destruction we have been waging on nature over the last century especially. We depend on these tiny and restless molecular machines to do their job every day while allowing this environmental crisis to continue because we need to survive to pay the bills and feed the military complex.

Such a realization should prompt us to stop all the ongoing nonsense. The Principle of Correspondence tells us about the only option left out there: peace and protecting Life.

What We Do To Nature, We Do To Ourselves

We have dominated Nature over the centuries. This mindset was very wrong. Several disasters are building up slowly but surely as a result, because we thought we knew it all.

It is really alarming to watch the world trends and especially those in America. We ought to worry about what will happen next.

Fixing Mental Health In The Workplace Requires A Lot More Than A Yoga Room — Companies are recognizing that our work culture is incredibly damaging to employees’ mental health. Now they need to fix it for real — not just plaster over it with gimmicks. (2016 FastCompany)

But the study mentioned below are jaw-dropping: society could end up with one in two individuals being diagnosed with mental health issues (after all the boomers will have passed away) and that would pave the way for a full-fledged Dystopia with Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World becoming the “corporate new bible”.

Mental health is becoming the next frontier of diversity and inclusion! Materialism is taking a toll all over the planet and in the US even more than anywhere else.

It is not more “Mindfulness Inc” that we need but a return to sanity!

The American Dream is on its deathbed. When are going Americans to stand up? Even the Chinese do not give a damn anymore about their social credit being ruined by their participation in a protest.

A former World Bank banker, Joseph Stiglitz, said a few years ago that three decades of neoliberal policies have decimated the middle class, our economy, and our democracy — Progressive capitalism is the economy we need. Stiglitz can always describe the symptoms wonderfully but his cures are not to be taken seriously.

There are only 3 systems possible. Individualism, collectivism and contributionism-slash-voluntaryism

Individualism works beautifully on paper. Flirting with the idea that one is responsible for one’s own life is an easy sell because the ego is rather self-serving when not able to access the right data, but the Reality is that we all are interdependent. The planet reacts like a mega-organism and we must live in symbiosis with the latter to survive.

The main reason why profit-seeking will remain doomed to fail.

As for collectivism-slash-fascism (characterized by a top-down and centralized model), it is what the world has known for several millennia already. We can no longer afford to ignore the past. Its softer version called socialism is a mere full loop designed to keep society in an endless spin of control.

Then socialism without monetarism is not socialism anymore but contributionims-slash-voluntaryism, which implies that there is no longer any hierarchy in place but town representatives that operate under full transparency. No more meeting behind closed doors. Any smart individual finds the idea of secrecy abhorrent. How can people believe what politicians tell them when they haven’t attended their meetings in the first place?

So the choice is between Dystopia or a massive awakening and the end of the nightmare.

In the massive awakening scenario, half of Millennials and 75% of Gen Zer do not have any real cognitive problems at all. They just do not fit in our current model anymore because of an increase in awareness, and their emotional health translates just that.

That very possibility is somehow explosive since that would mean that they also “potentially” have the ability to realize the stakes and suddenly attempt to break free from the top-down model, and topple the latter without any warning. Yes, potentially but that does not mean that victory is a sure thing yet.

Of course, we can blame social media addiction but the latter just mirrors human conditioning further. In a society much less coercive than ours there wouldn’t be any fear to have an online activity. This is a completely different premise. Then we also have a major problem with the average diet, which can be easily circumvented.

Why nutritional psychiatry is the future of mental health treatment (2018. The Conversation)

Not to mention that psychedelics such as DMT can also help rewire the brain. In the US there are several Ayahuasca churches and completely legal. Just make a search and see for yourself. If you feel like there is a calling, just go for it. Do “NOT” do it because you want to look cool and be part of the wave.

Times Are Changing: First Ever Center To Study Psychedelics Opening In The US (2019 Natural Blaze)

What lies on the horizon is a giant question mark but the odds are “50–50%” at this stage because there is clearly enough data out there telling us the system isn’t working and falling apart.

The time has come to merge biology and economics if we ever are serious about muddling through our dire challenges ahead.


Half of the millennials and 75% of Gen Zers have left their job for mental health reasons (2019 CNBC)

More than a third of U.S. healthcare costs go to bureaucracy (Jan 2020 Reuters)



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