The Age Of Belief Is Over!


The World Is The Ego’s Projection… The New Paradigm Upon Us.

Despite the mountain of evidence that society is engaged in a cruel dead-end shaped by threats of its own making, there seems to be some Light in the distance and piercing the darkness of the tunnel.

We need this polarity to attain a climax to shift the paradigm though, or things will get way worse. The quest for materialism has multiplied the polarity of any situation we can think of. This is what the Matrix is about: a dangerous illusion.

Hunting paychecks has made people as a whole utterly irrational to the point that they prefer not to think too far anymore, as if their dreams have been vindicated. They do not know what to trust anymore. Misinformation is everywhere. And they are correct, at least on that level.

We are swimming in lies. And many have warned us over the past decades. Chomsky is only one of them. We’re not too fond of him but will quote him when necessary.

Chasing materialism is a terrible idea because materialism itself is a consequence of the Duality inherent to life. So instead of overcoming that very Duality — what we should learn as a life purpose — we sink further into the Fractality of Reality and end up engulfed by a death spiral of incoherence.

But as a civilization, we’re meant to discover this at our own expense since the world is the projection of the Ego, as explained in the video below.

Please consider that a few weeks ago, Janine Small, a Pfizer Executive in Europe, openly admitted the company had no data to determine whether or not their COVID-19 vaccine product would stop transmission prior to releasing it to market.

Then we have Newsweek announcing without fanfare that the Ukraine crisis could cause a diesel shortage that will cripple the US economy. All this happened because greedy NATO kept expanding its territory despite the non-expansion treaty signed with Russia.

The cherry on the cake, perhaps, is the Kanye controversy getting more attention than Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. Most people completely lost their critical thinking. To us, it is also evident that ending all wars would prevent any other holocaust like the ones happening in Yemen and Palestine today. Or which that took place in Iraq using economic sanctions that killed 500K children. Western interventions have entirely destabilized the Middle East.

The word antisemitism obscures many other horrors that occurred after WW2. And it remains to be seen whether a war with Russia could happen. NATO will not hesitate… and how many more million deaths do we need before shutting down the military complex worldwide for good?

Isn’t selling war the worse form of racism, after all?

We’d go on and on. The point is that the planet has reached a breakpoint, and if we don’t take action fast, the WEF, WHO, and the UN will erase the little bit of sovereignty we’ve left. These three organizations are an Unholy Trinity.

Society has lost all moral compasses. Crime is rewarded. At some point, we’ll need Nuremberg 2.0 to fix all this and then rebuild everything from scratch.

It is deeply discombobulating that corporations are allowed to pillage the environment that badly. Yet, nobody is going to jail, and the entities supposed to keep them in check are throwing money at them to further their planetary takeover.

When Klaus Schwab says that we’ll own nothing, metaphysically speaking, that is absolutely correct. We are born naked and die naked. When the hunter-gatherers decided to settle and cultivate the land, they just took the land for themselves. They didn’t pay for it. And that is why stealing land has always been a political motivation: we still wage wars today for natural resources.

The fact is that because nobody paid for the land at the very beginning, 7,000 years ago or so, it really means that the land has absolutely no monetary value and that the concept of property is entirely made up. So that value came out of nothing.

We cannot own Nature and never will. Borders are another illusion deriving from such a faulty premise: fighting over something nobody will ever own. We merely borrow it from the Universe for a (long) while.

Now that our global debt load (worth $300 trillion and counting) has destroyed what was perceived as “property,” CBDCs are attempting to redefine humans as currencies. But, at the same time, corporations already sell our data to the highest bidders.

Money buys time, but it is a deceiving time device.

The temptation to borrow is enormous, though, because Money generates conflicts of interest that only more cash flow can seemingly resolve… but as soon as the latter are circumvented, others appear… and so on. Competition has way more downsides than upsides, and we are about to learn this on a grand scale.

The solution here is just that we’d stop working and reject the deadly game destroying the fabric of society and the environment.

In our blog Fixing The World By Allowing Nature To Be Nature, we agree with the philosopher Alan Watts’ conclusion that doing nothing is the only solution left out there. That and spreading the word, of course.

If, say, 25% of the population stopped going to work, paying their rent or mortgage, started growing food in their yards, and helped one another, the world would change in a few months and for the better.



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