Tackling The $814 Billion Wellness Tourism Business

The Most Profitable Business Is Human Suffering

In Ancient Rome, people were offered bread and circuses in exchange for their unconditional support of the empire. It worked well for a while until slaves began to represent fifty percent of the population. Today, our entertainment industry is quite similar: the celebrity cult and the promotion of fast food gluttony ensures to captivate the attention of the masses.

The financialization of life knows no bounds, and according to our worldview, it is not going to end well.

The confrontation between Spirituality and Materialism has never been so intense. We are getting close to a breakpoint, no doubt. There are some compelling and well-intentioned individuals reporting on this epic battle, which we follow on a regular basis. We have to say, though, that many still leave out the “economic element” because of the coercive need to earn a living in our competitive environment.

Competition shouldn’t be hailed in a world at peace but cooperation and the love of doing.

Charging clients to help them increase their awareness while the whole planet looks like the Titanic heading toward the fatal iceberg does not make much sense, does it? What is the Wellness Industry going to become after the global demise?

There is a reason why Krishnamurti adamantly rejected a wealthy lifestyle.

His foundation has also remained very humble up to these days. In the best of the worlds, Spiritual Advice should always go along with donations.

Unfortunately, we have to reckon that Truth-Telling is not a job for everybody. Having a thick skin is definitely required for such a mission. Passion and the thirst for Justice are the essential ingredients to keep going.

Even though our situation is becoming increasingly critical, many still look the other way because the complexities of our planetary illusion are often associated with a fringe by mainstream pundits and armies of algorithms participating in the obfuscation of the Truth.

Intelligence has little to do with being all-knowing but with the flexibility of the mind to analyze objectively and the ability to question everything.

Many would ascertain to know the Truth, but often, what they know is one side of the picture. Such one-sided stances often make discussions tricky because opinions remain an echo chamber of highly polarized endorsements.

There is a need for an urgent breakthrough here.

As you read this, pervasive immorality is taking the world down. That immorality has always prevailed, buried deep down in our societal foundation.

Here are some facts that are going to have profound ramifications in the months ahead:

In October last year, a headline appeared on TheStreet “Corporate Stock Buybacks at a Record Pace for 2022”. TheHill ran a similar article in 2021: Drug companies spent more on buybacks, dividends than research.

Of course, and this is nothing new, politicians and central bankers have the habit of ascertaining that the global economy is in a perpetual state of recovery and things will continue to improve.

How so improve? The math does not add up.

The stock market is a casino: shares are not only seriously overpriced, but the speculation on inflated value compounding the illusion of prosperity will not change the outcome. Far to the contrary!

Some columnists are ringing the alarm bell, but their noises seem to fall on deaf ears.

A vast majority of consumers are stubbornly hooked to news painting a rosier picture.

Indeed, imagine what could happen if all the news outlets and banks started to speak of a global crash in the second half of 2024. The three headlines should scare any rational mind…


Then comes the nefarious US National Debt… Needless to say, at this pace, interests will get close to a trillion dollars in 2024.

Net interest costs soared to $659 billion in fiscal year 2023, which ended September 30, according to the Treasury Department. That’s up $184 billion, or 39%, from the previous year and is nearly double what it was in fiscal year 2020. (CNN 10/2023)

Taxpayers should stop watching football and their favorite reality TV shows and start calculating how much they stand to lose when the US defaults. There are no “ifs” here.

Very few taxpayers dare connect the dots and have begun to realize that money itself is the carrot and the stick that makes people blind but gives the ruling ideology the upper hand.

Chopra and his integrative health company and namesake’s multiyear is getting into the $814 billion wellness tourism business(fortune 2023)

Hopefully, the crisis will birth a new and utterly decentralized society in which most materialistic Spiritual Gurus will have been stripped of their status!



Brigitte Kayser — The Mind Awakened

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