Sorry If This Ruins Your Day: Sex Is Overrated


Why Psychology Got It All Wrong About Sexuality — And The Chi

This pyramidal chart above says it all. The senses for pleasure are not meant to last but satisfy actions and bodily impulses at the moment. We repeat them almost mechanically, but they remain limited by individual perceptions.

If we pay too much attention to our frustrations and desires, the latter will end up commanding our lives and absorbing most of our attention. That’s where the danger lirks because the mind is supposed to regulate all physiological needs we may have.

Fasting, abstinence, deep sleep, staying away from alcohol and sodas, and having a good diet balancing the gut bacteria, all these fields have proven scientifically to enhance holistic thinking and emotional well-being.

When, for whatever reason, any of these physiological needs are, are neglected, Natural Laws will make sure to remind us that a return to balance is required. Contrary to the popular belief, too much sex — or being obsessed with it — fuels the depletion of our “chi.”

Chi Tao means Energy Way. This is the study of how energy flows within our body and within the Universe, with special emphasis on how we access and direct that energy. Life force energy pervades the whole Universe and is called by many names; Ki (Japanese), Chi (Chinese), Prana (Indian) etc. It is abundant in every area of the Universe and is freely accessible to everyone.

Today even teens also seem to have become avid porn viewers. Yet Psychology asserts that good “sexual maintenance” is essential to human well-being … as a matter of fact, it is the complete opposite.

Overall, people spend way too much time thinking of Sexuality while ignoring that it is the prime force of the Universe, and that such a “force” requires to be used very wisely because there is a magic attach to it, and which may turn desire into dependence.

The line between the two is quite blurred, and that is why and how many end up losing themselves in the maze of Sexuality, desperately seeking the special someone that will deliver them from the frustrations related to their very own sexual expectations.

Psychology also wants people to share their whims and fantasies, arguing that an honest discussion will eventually bring about sexual equilibrium in the relationship. However, that could not be further from the truth because “spontaneous” inner balance must be achieved first. And that requires the knowledge of the self, which the lover or mate cannot help.

It is about understanding our own journey and purposes, and when venturing down that path, Sexuality is steadily moving away from the picture. One even realizes that Love is not even that sexual anymore but an emotion coming straight from the heart. And that the heart and sex often do not speak the same language.

When Love begins to take over, Sexuality isn’t even that important anymore. And this is because physiological needs are tamed by a Mind becoming gradually more self-aware, a Mind realizing that Sexuality is Sacred when not used to fill the void induced by the impression of Cosmic Abandonment.

That is mainly why people want sex, to feel whole again with the Whole, but this comes with a (serious) price tag when self-awareness is lacking.

It is only when two lovers or mates have worked on their own inner growth that Sexuality will become fulfilling.

Psychology never got it and has turned abstinence into a “condition” that needs to be psychoanalyzed at all costs. Yet, At the same time, it is precisely the right path to follow if one wishes to heal within and discover the true purpose of one’s journey.

It is not without a reason as why most spiritual beliefs recommend abstinence… and it is about time to rethink our lifestyles completely as our unfettered materialism is silently dislocating society and destroying Nature.



Brigitte Kayser — The Mind Awakened

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