So We All Have To Eat Scientifically Now!


But Without The Input Of Corporate Science

To paraphrase a pal of ours, Joel F.M.: In a profit-based economy, making money is paramount. Indeed, it is very astounding how so many people still believe ‘experts’ with so many conflicts of interest.

Of course, we meant the same experts seeing nothing wrong with the ways business is conducted in the healthcare industry handling diseases like commodities. Although many have no education in nutrition, they are pretty well aware that advocating for exercise and a radical lifestyle change will affect their income over time. And how would they explain that the number of their prescriptions is ever plummeting then, all of which could mean the end of incentives and perks?

Every month sees the rise of a new class action, and the latest one targets Janssen Pharmaceuticals for failing to warn about the eye damage associated with Elmiron®. The drug was supposed to alleviate bladder discomfort. Although people will quickly wave their “thumbs up”, these failures can only be caught when enough people have been seriously injured.

There are class actions lined up, just waiting for approval since independent studies have first to be submitted for review and that takes “some” time. Many are tossed away because they do not meet the “really harmful” criteria. Listen to the video below revealing how food stamps are being pushed and weaponized by the “sugar industry”!

How fascinating to muse and imagine the number of scientists that would still have a job if “profits” could be taken out of the picture forever, and how many would choose to become MDs if there were much fewer patients needing help… or how advanced medicine would be IF sincerely working on the people’s wellness instead.

Those are serious inquiries. And further, once all these pernicious side-effects caused by profit-seeking will have vanished what the determining factors will be to guide people’s interest throughout their lives?

Regenerating the planet and working on a system change starts at home and in one’s neighborhood. There is no escape!

Although future projections are definitely challenging, it becomes crystal clear that self-eduction is part of the solution. Rather sooner than later, we’ll have to start eating scientifically, take the matter into our own hands and learn gardening and nutrition 101. Because if we do not do this, the same patterns will resurface.

We already noticed that some alternative websites are more focused on appealing to a more wealthy clientele to sell their microbiome recipes and products.

If following their advice, an individual could easily spend $200 monthly on supplements to stay healthy.

Go to Whole Foods and look at the prices yourself. Irrational eating habits are not possible anymore, at least if you love life and seek to age decently, without being addicted to allopathic concoctions.

So the only fashion to fight the new rising trend is to learn growing food and herbs. Make your own laundry detergent, soap, and shower cream. There is no other way, and this is until money is declared obsolete.

Anything that we do not pay attention to comes back to haunt us. Once the problem is fixed people will embrace empathy as a model and finally see each other as true human beings instead of commodities.

Look for free advice on the net and create a library so that you can continue learning even if the internet happened to go down. If we are serious about elevating humanity we cannot allow any form of knowledge to be handled by any monopoly. And that holds true regarding General Intelligence. We need to become independent while making sure that actions remain geared toward Life.

It is a generalized lack of awareness that invites the same flaws corrupting society.



Brigitte Kayser — The Mind Awakened

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