Pondering The Inherent Failure Of The Service To Self

Interestingly, Socrates also found himself in court because his classes were free of charge!

Were are not going to paraphrase the video above, firstly because it is a habit of ours to tackle very similar metaphysical aspects, and secondly, we prefer to address the issues from a monetary perspective which most of these speakers never talk about, and possibly because they all rely on donations book sales, etc. We do not really condemn such an attitude because we remain realistically hopeful that at some point down the road, we’ll be able to use donations to invest in internet banners.

As long as there are no coordinated actions taken by a majority, we’ll have to cope with certain aspects related to the monetary paradox. Unlike most though, we just won’t sweep the topic under the rug because the monetization of knowledge and education really represents the unseen part of the iceberg and a major obstacle to world harmony.

Let’s extrapolate from here:

Even a prominent metaphysicist like Rudolph Steiner, went at length as to how to circumvent economic distortions, while clearly stipulating that capital is not money but spirit-in-action. He clearly defines that there are 3 types of money: purchase money, lending money, and gift money. But that gift money ensures the highest long-term productivity, such as expenses for education, parenting, or cultivating the global environmental commons.

So how do we move from here?

We’d somehow agree with Steiner but as we all know, gift money can be easily biased by hidden agendas. So with all due respect to Steiner, while the theory is enticing the latter isn’t really rational enough. And if the gift money misuses and influences perceptions, there go purchase and lending money down the drain.

We couldn’t help but wonder how wealthy is Eckhart Tolle, and we read that he has $80 million. Most of his income derives from staging big events and which cost $77 per attendee and allow him to pocket more or less $4 million a year! As for Sadhguru, his bank account is estimated to be around $24 million. We also came across another interesting website condoning that the most fundamental reason Socrates found himself in court, is that he has never undertaken to teach anyone anything for a fee. In the clip below, Krishnamurti also offers a brief but highly critical investigation into all the wasted energy spent working jobs.

We feel way more in agreement with Socrates and definitely believe that if education was completely free of charge, chasing money wouldn’t be as successful as it has been throughout the ages. Long story short, and as a whole, spiritualists have not come out as detractors of monetarism. Yes, a few have endorsed St. Paul associating the love of money with the root of all evil but they never really extrapolated upon it.

Indeed, we are in a very compelling position and hope to spark a breakthrough. For the little, we know about The Teaching Of Ra, our philosophy is in strong alignment with The Law Of One so far. We are here to experience service to others and ultimately the dual aspect of money is teaching us respect for life and why we must quit monetizing it.

Nature does not belong to us… it is the other way round. We belong to Nature.

Blaming selfishness and greed has never accomplished anything worthy because it is systematically assumed that it can be fixed by pouring money into charities, and welfare programs and enacting more laws. There also is a dilemma arising with cliques sharing the same worldviews (to protect themselves from the outside) because every time we do so we condone the social exclusion of some — and service to self — while we need to care about the totality of humankind instead and the origins of our traumas.

The intriguing thing with dualities is that they end up expressing the opposite when pushed too far. Service to self can never be satiated for the very reason that The Principle of Polarity is here to stay. It is only when we begin to grasp the immutable power of Natural laws that we can really comprehend what we are up against… and change for the better…



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