Seeking Unconditional Love… With A Bag Full Of Conditions?

SECRET REVEALED — When our bags full of conditions become the weapons used against us

Krishnamurti is absolutely correct. It is impossible to love if we don’t learn self-acceptance first — and this is quite a painful process.

FOREWORD — Following Natural Laws will turn Love into practice instantly and pulverize systemic abuse because morality is embedded in the fabric of the Universe. In this sense, we do not need to proclaim the virtues of Love constantly but listen to the Universe speaking through our hearts.

This blog will attempt to move forward from here.

Unconditional Love is a huge topic because even though it rings so true within our psyches (we all daydream about being loved for who we are), it also feels like some distant and unattainable expectation. And there is a reason for this explained by the Principle of Rhythm (one of the 7 Natural Laws) that is often translated as “what goes around comes around”, meaning that anything we set into motion comes back with amplified strength.

Life unfolds like a pendulum, swinging back and forth. If the action is positive, all the better because we’ll harvest huge benefits from the original intent.

On the other end, if negativity (harmful thoughts) is set into motion, the latter will return, hit us in various ways, and often unexpectedly. Good and bad actions are quantitatively measured by their impact on the whole. Individualism is very misguiding, therefore.

This is what is happening to the planet today. The pendulum came back to haunt us cyclically and it is clear that we never addressed the issues of having “masters” managing world affairs. Instilling and triggering traumas is a basic template as fear helps the ruling ideology directly apply the dynamics of the Law of Rhythm to extend its grip on society.

The problem with (whatever) trauma is that the victim will continue to project harmful thoughts and therefore attract the repeat of harmful processes and fight any arising issue: it’s the wrong attitude, and here is why.

Only self-forgiveness and empathy can stop the pendulum from hitting us back with a vengeance because the inner working of Natural Laws always favors the greater good. They do not care about any isolated wounded ego because we are destined to evolve and sort things out together… or go extinct.

We witness every day that we’re bound to live interdependently.

The obsession with our bag full of conditions will not get us anywhere but fuels the vicious cycle of stress and suffering. With aging often comes along with the bitter realization that we’ve spent our entire life battling windmills.

The Universe is a grand scale structure, and all laws must be in harmony to sustain life and self-regenerating. On a large scale, the force of the swinging pendulum is indeed way more menacing as the Oneness of life is inescapable. Humanity will have to care about the whole to triumph over darkness.

We have reached a conjecture where our own personal dilemmas mirror the obstacles that humanity is faced with and that means that we can no longer afford to take anything personally because every time we do so, we just reinforce the strength of the pendulum.

The situation is drastic without a doubt, but the latter can easily be fixed… should we stop once and for all putting conditions (stemming from the fear to repeat traumas) to our need for unconditional Love. This is the last battle and its origin is cosmic: look closer, it is a battle against the ego in the end and the fear to let go of.

This problem lies within (each of us) and its projection is what keeps societal wounds repeating themselves.

We are the problem but also the solution and this is what is terrific about it. It is only when we change ourselves within that we can end all domination for good. No protests are really necessary.

Yes, we surely could march and shout “your game is over”. And the ruling ideology knows this. They are using our own egos to harm humanity and keep us in a state of bondage. Let that sink in.

We are THEIR weapons!

The White House passed another $700 billion package for military spending and we should be all infuriated. Funding destruction with our consent. Let’s ponder the pendulum effect here for a few seconds. But it is not just in America.

We all want and seek unconditional Love but it should be without strings attached because everybody has different perceptions and therefore will have different boundaries.

Respecting each other boundaries is the surest way toward societal fragmentation and chaos. Conventional psychology is of no help and has never worked because its premise is deeply entrenched in materialistic dilemmas arising from a mind construct endorsing financial influence and competition… trading our feelings: do “this” for “that”, so to speak.

It is thus impossible to be nice while defining boundaries because that very particular stance makes us trade emotions.

The only valid behavior is to tame our conflicts within and overcome them with courage. There lies the prime cause of discord and distrust in society.

We’ll eventually have to ponder the coercive influence of monetarism in our lives, and luckily the right mindset can cause monetarism to stop working. And for this to have a major effect on society, a majority will have to embrace the paradigm shift altogether.

Love cannot be traded but becomes the only true law once endorsing benevolence as the foundation of society. So here we are, standing with our bags full of conditions…

And it is really time to do something about it, isn’t it?



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