Seeking For The Truth? Only If You Can Handle It! (Part 1)


Living in a world of Magic, Truth always exposes illusions. And ignorance isn’t “bliss”

Willing to know the Truth requires a very flexible mind and which accepts to be proven wrong at any time as there always are other layers of facts to anything and any situation. The more one investigates deeper layers, the more Reality expands… and the more one realizes how little is being communicated and conveyed by the world around us.

We live in a world of Pure Magic, powered by Vibrations (and their frequencies), at the heart of Creation itself, and yet mainstream science remains desperately atheistic for the most part. Not only matter emits frequencies, human thinking too creates Reality. Thoughts are vibrations and thus magic. If such a Truth was taught from a very early age, the world would most likely be at peace by now. Fortunately, there is (a slow-motion) paradigm shift taking place as you read this. What is going to occur, do you think, when this Manifesto becomes fully acknowledged? How prepared are you to adapt to the changes that will eventually to rock science as a whole?

Manifesto For Post-Materialistic Science

If you believe in psychology and psychiatry, these two fields are far from being accurate, and even perhaps on the brink of obsolescence since it was discovered in 2013 that humans share “genetic memories”, which can be passed down to 14 generations. Prof Marcus Pembrey, from University College London, refers to it as “transgenerational epigenetic inheritance”.

Meaning that our emotional makeup isn’t ours completely and that there obviously are many people seeing a shrink for memories that are not especially theirs. If a memory is beneficial, all the better… but what happens when it is about a phobia or PTSD coming from an ancestor? What do we do with the “collective war trauma” for example? Only hypnosis will sort that out and is highly recommended before spending thousands of dollars on a shrink.

In this sense, even human memories are magic since they can be stored in our DNA. So what is exactly the purpose of the DNA? Although the article raises diligent questions that really should worry us all, you will not find this answer in the mainstream just yet!

The government owns your DNA. What are they doing with it? (

Since the Unknow drives all knowledge, we can’t — and never will — know everything. One thing is certain though: empathy is what glues any society together, and we have an empathy failure, not just in America but globally… yet a vast majority isn’t just aware of it. One would think that such alarming statistics would make the headlines everywhere and be debated for hours on TV, but it is not. But how often did we hear about the Russians?

To change the world — and for good — we’ll have to look into things as they really are, without colored glasses and fearlessly. And this means to abandon theories that are not fixable, because and as a matter of fact, if loneliness is a rampant, a silent global epidemic, and this despite our advanced technology, there are for sure many preconceived and established ideas out there that no longer serve us, and which we’d get rid of. How ready are you to confront the latter and embrace the Reality of this systemic loneliness being the mirror of our love and hate affair with materialism, and that time has come to face it once and for all?

The Mind And Quest For Truth: The 7 Immutable Principles

To conclude, we should not expect peace nor abundance as long as we continue to turn a blind eye to the Magic of the Universe.

(End of Part 1 — To be continued)



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