Pondering the LOVE Of Doing

When Success Means Nothing Like You Were Told.

Doing something for recognition is not always the result of the love of doing. Especially when doing must ensure a paycheck. Then it becomes a job for the love of money. When the same job is no longer enticing enough or available to earn money, the mind starts wandering and seeks other attractive ways to make a living.

After a while, it also happens that money ends up framing our love of doing, and morphs it into a boring routine that we hope to circumvent or escape from.

Life changes all the time, and what we perceive as the love of doing suddenly shifts in another direction with no real apparent reason other than the sudden urge to explore. That’s why it is very important to remain flexible intellectually.

But society too often rewards monotony (repetitive tasks) which works against our goal over time, and if doing nothing to change what is, conformism takes over. We may become afraid of acting in a certain way as the drive for novelty seems too challenging. The fear of being judged for being different also sets in. We are starting to live for others more than doing the right thing.

Please, do yourself a favor and make sure to not fall into the trap….

The 10 Most Common Regrets.

Another thing is that the love of doing does not always brings about glory. And that is where complexities surface because our system is based on competition. Unless we can afford to live without working, the absence of social success is often associated with a failed life purpose.

So being successful is relative. Always been… but our culture is toxic and turns the quest for success into something shattering human psyches: many beings feel inadequate and that they don’t fit in. And if the addiction to substances, legal and illegal, keeps skyrocketing, it might be time to reflect on the very fact that society itself is on its deathbed.

Then let’s not forget that serendipity can also set in.

Consciousness is a field of information that is transmitted to the brain by Light. Light is data and reaches out to our brain synapses. Our level of awareness is key to deciphering that information. This makes it possible for many people to conceptualize the same genius ideas without knowing each other.

After all, there are no real long studies investigating the phenomenon of a specific idea entering the Collective Consciousness at a particular time. That’s how the Collective can raise its Consciousness.

Cosmos communicates with us continually.

Realistically speaking, imagine that a bunch of people having no connection at all happening to have the same genius idea, or connecting dots, at the same moment, and only one among them will amass all the claps because of his or her connections.

This inequality in terms of networking potential is deeply unfair if you look closer. That alone is enough to end society’s infatuation with recognition right away! How can we feel good about ourselves when applauding the winners and ignoring the less “lucky” in life? This is sadistic at best.

Knowledge belongs to the Collective.

It is thus prosperous to argue in favor of patenting anything every time the idea appears novel. Because it is not. Then we ought to consider The American Federation of Scientists contending that “Invention Secrecy Hits Recent High.

Most of the time top discoveries are kept in a drawer for a very long time. Or they may sound too much ahead of their time and get bashed or silenced because the system holds on to approaches that are way too profitable. Paradoxically a better model can potentially crash a market entirely!

Clearly, if imagination has to rely upon what is already known then there is not much guarantee of knowing the worthiness of any ideas.

Let’s also mention the countless geniuses out there that have not yet been discovered. And most likely never will. Ascertaining that genius always gets discovered isn’t true at all because there are two ways to measure genius.

Logic defining IQ and the much dreaded Emotional Intelligence. To fit in we are forced to behave rationally and be calculated at all times as the consensus only recognizes mathematical parameters ​to measure human potential.

Emotional Intelligence is the elephant in the room. It may throw everything in disarray at any time. Emotions are bad. And a threat to General Intelligence. Getting a brain chip would fix that, we are told. Get rid of anything that is human in you! Really?

Also, we ought to consider that 97% of 5yo kids are geniuses in terms of creativity and problem-solving. We made a video about it a few years ago. To summarize, over the years the education system induces societal conformism and damages their skills. By age 30 only 2 or 3% are still geniuses.

We have to envision a new earth where genius is the norm. And that means that the notion of success is completely made up.

Lastly, whatever ideas admired today are obsolete already. Trends depend on how long the markets can squeeze profit out of them. When becoming aware of all this, the word “recognition” appears flimsy. And ultimately, no knowledge is fully original, we merely all add our two cents to stories that we love the most.

So instead of cultivating the “celebrity consensus”, we should quit chasing money, and begin to empower rational humility and the love of doing to avoid the very same pitfalls that led us to our current situation… in other words…




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