Pondering The Immorality Of War…

A Psychological Mutation Is a Key To The Future Of Humankind

Changing what is cannot happen without a psychological mutation first, and this means that if the focus on chasing materialism and trying to own what can never be ours (planetary resources) cannot be overcome, humanity as we know it will go extinct. Simple.

The Earth has self-defense mechanisms, and our draining activities neglect her intelligence and her magnetic fields. Calamities are in the making, no matter how we look at the picture.

The WEF and its political pedalers have no solutions but seek to profit from various corporate and Wall Street disasters to further their thirst for control.

Nothing new under the sun.

Such Truths have been available for about Eons but deeply buried into a false sense of reality to protect the hierarchical structure of society, all of which makes crowds believe that rulership is needed.

It is benevolence that will free us and absorb Darkness!

Freedom today appears scarier than ever. Embracing a new paradigm has never been more urgent, though, and it can be ascertained that Natural Laws will thrust themselves no matter what.

Natural Law also tells us that there is a Higher Law, the Law of Conscience. The Love Of Doing must take over.

Natural Law is paramount, and eventually, we’ll have to ponder the immorality of war, which is the foundation of our 5000-year-old Capitalistic framework that has instilled in our brains the nefarious notion that competition always justifies the means.

If war were ethical, it would have been eradicated centuries ago, correct?

Demystifying competition will first require reconsidering Darwinism, which validates the worst planetary horrors the world has ever seen since the dawn of time and programs people into accepting that *killing is just fine* when the greater good is at stake.

As a matter of fact, Darwin is today regarded more and more as a deception used to profit from mass murder and genocides.

Even leading philosopher Thomas Nagel wrote that “the Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature is Almost Certainly False "and threatens to unravel the entire naturalistic world picture.

The “alleged evil-doers must die” consensus is a mere perception induced by special interests vested in the military-industrial complex that has grown exponentially over the last hundred years. Each side of the conflict has its own arguments to propagandize its followers.

We are not too fond of Chomsky, but he is quite correct in this video...

As long as humanity does not embrace the morality embedded in the fabric of the Universe (knowing the difference between morality and immorality), Information Technology will succeed in locking us into absolute dystopian servitude presented to us as the only exit by Harari and the like.

A.I has hacked the operating system of human civilization… Yuval Noah Harari says (nyetnews 5/2023)

A.I. has also been trained… to wage war. It is not without reason that Harari himself claims that the soul and free will are things of the past and tells us that humans are about to become obsolete. Seeing that a majority endorses the eradication of what makes us humans is proof that immorality prevails.

Once again, all this didn’t happen overnight. It took millennia to reach this tipping point. The System has sadly but successfully inverted all human perceptions… a rude awakening awaits us around the corner, and we must climb the Wall Of Fear.

we have to restart from scratch and it is now. No more delay. One thing is absolutely certain: we did not get born to SELL our souls!




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