And That’s Reality!

No breaking news here but it is interesting that such a concept, Nothing Is real, is on the verge of becoming an acceptable consensus. And this is going to serve our advocacy for the end of any form of exploitation. The pseudoscience label is vanishing fast now.

Michio Kaku has never really been a fav of ours but we have to nod at him saying that anything that cannot be verified does not logically exist BUT consciousness is needed to verify that. Consciousness too is an energy field.

There lies the real catch 22 and which means that physics and metaphysics are inseparable. The status quo between the 2 must end as it is destroying the fabric of society.

That’s right… the failure to accept the reality that life is an Omnipotent Cosmic Dream is tearing our world apart, and that Dream can only end well if allowing empathy to rule over human exchanges.

Everything is energy and wavelengths produced by a Cosmid Mind thinking of Itself. Because the Universe is self-similar across scale, for us too it works the same way, what we think becomes reality. Mentalism is the 1st Hermetic Principle, Natural Law, rejected as pseudoscience for millennia by materialistic science.

It is however becoming increasingly clear that we can no longer ignore that the merging of science and metaphysics is getting closer by the day. Metaphysics removes the dogmatic aspect of science, science becomes more humble so to speak.

This is however essential to accept because it is the very reason why monetarism has been highly destructive due to a lack of metaphysical value.

We do not rule out that a better understanding of this urgent issue could even lead to a holistic approach radically reshaping how money is perceived and what would help us compare it with an accounting method instead of a tool to store wealth.

A money-free world would make it simpler, although not a must as long as the metaphysical nature of money is recognized.

One thing is certain though, we cannot continue to monetize life. Something big must be given up because we are battling windmills while slowly being gobbled up by a digital and extremely controlling structure.

However, the simulation theory should also prompt us to promote world peace and voluntarily cooperate, thinking local as opposed to globalization. It is the awareness of the big picture that will resolve our societal ills.

The Gnostics were absolutely right when stating that salvation through knowledge is what we have to long for and it is time to make a giant leap and wise up, and the more people grasp this, the better chances we have to survive as a species.

Our project in 2021 is to make a 45 min documentary summarizing the metaphysical blueprint we shared over the last 3 years on the internet to raise the awareness that we’re approaching the most dangerous turning point in the history of Humankind. The task is definitely highly challenging but we hope to make ourselves heard a lot more in 2021.

New theory suggests universe is a simulation, nothing is real

Michio Kaku: No Computer Can Simulate the Universe Except the Universe Itself (2019)

Metaphilosophy, metaphysics, economics, social & individual healing, AI, voluntaryism. Thought provoking without running around the bush.

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