Living In Creation Is All That Is Left

We have been on a collision course for many centuries.

The fact that competition is inimical to societal betterment is today heavily documented and evidenced by biology, not to mention that many (real) gurus and spiritualists have warned us about this throughout history.

Stress has been found to rearrange our brain patterns turning the adrenaline and cortisol buttons on and off. Competition is very stressful. There is nothing more threatening than the fear of being left behind if not competing enough.

Over time and it is proven by biology again, we end up being addicted to stress because the cravings for adrenaline and cortisol are going to make us repeat and love our stressful environment, regardless of what is causing it, and that means that we shape our own cognitive incarceration. Dr. Joe Dispenza brilliantly explains this in the video below.

We have been on a collision course for many centuries. Survival makes us short-sighted because we’re more focused on the day after than anything else. Our top-down model is a direct consequence and why a vast majority go paycheck to paycheck.

We tolerate the top-down structure because of our fear about the future, falsely hoping that lawmakers will have answers. As a result, we are moving from deception to the next.

Some would argue that we need to feel pain, suffer, to create but after a deep look at today’s world affairs, we can see that this mindset is a total fallacy. All we have done is destroy the environment and ourselves to the point that we even inhale microplastics and inequality is rampant. Not to mention that the global debt bubble stood at $255 trillion right before the covid crisis began. Since then world governments have been into printing mode like never before.

Over the last decades, offered solutions turned out to be pipedreams. Let’s consider the so-called green renewable energy market financed and pedaled by the billionaires of this world. It is quite blatant that “growth at all costs” is a dead-end and will cause much or the same; the attacks on the biosphere will continue unabated.

Our social premises are so biased and corrupt that we cannot expect anything from technology at this point. We have to stop right here, unplug AI, and allow ourselves to ponder serious ethical matters because if we do not restore human sovereignty and begin to learn about Natural Laws first, machines will just transform society into a giant “mind-controlled data colony” and trading human DNA will become the new normal.

Remember that the technocratic agenda is resorting to fear to thrust itself into our lives while hiding its true motives. There are many videos offering a correct interpretation of the Great Reset out there; one of them is Catherine Austin Fitts’ latest interview here below.

The “Lifting Of The Veil” will have to be experienced on a grand scale to remedy all our problems, but the latter are for sure not going to be fixed if we continue to do things the same way. Workaholism is an addiction making us want to compete further (fight mode), and empowers what is coming next.

We will muddle through if sharing resources and offering cooperation though. Holding on to financial portfolios will just help engineer the next top-down phase of the technocratic agenda.

We need to degrow the world economy, work part-time to keep basic services open, grow food forests wherever we can, and come back to our senses now! The state of the planet speaks for itself. Competition has done nothing but has brought about a great disconnect from Nature.

We need to be able to create without stress, “live in creation” because it is the only way to be living free and in agreement with Natural Laws. The Great Reset is inevitable. Only the choices we make today will determine whether — or not — it is a Great Reset by and for the people.

Yes, there are many things that need to be addressed before going money-free… but that will eventually become self-evident.



Brigitte Kayser — The Mind Awakened

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