Life In The Trauma Factory Coming To An End


The upcoming paradigm shift is going to deliver a tidal wave effect that we must embrace.

It is overwhelming somehow to be aware of the incredible amount of information circulating out there while still trying to voice one own 2 cents with originality. It feels like almost everything has been said already but the difference clearly lies in how to articulate these axioms.

Contrary to what may assert a majority of scientists, objectivity is rather a metaphysical state shaped by the understanding of “natural laws” and which makes us walk on the thin grey line called intuition. One is said “objective” when obeying these laws as this objective truth emanates from within. It is not measurable physically or mathematically.

There is NO way to teach this to others as it has to be experienced individually, hence so many contending that there is no objective truth. This perception is false and depends on higher awareness. If you go to the site Open Sciences you will see that more than 1000 scientists endorse the metaphysical realm.

All relationships are about conflicts states Khrisnamurti in the video below and it is a global issue, especially when living in an environment designed to create scarcity and structural violence.

We live in a Trauma Factory.

As we see it healing from the latter will not restore relationships in a patriarchal way but prompt a majority to prioritize life experiences. The slave wage society has caused so much cognitive dissonance that we have all have a hard time thinking in terms of what is best for the individual and the whole altogether but the right mindset starts with “Know Thyself”.

At some point, monogamy will primarily be chosen by those willing to have children and these people will do what it takes to raise them though we definitely should guard ourselves against advocating for such a choice.

The rule of the one-size-fits-all is dying from a slow and certain death, and this also explains the success of pornography. Just like depression industrial pornography is not the model but a symptom of emotional imbalances and which on top of that fuels toxic masculinity and encourages women to praise and cater to patriarchy.

Toxic masculinity — and the persistent idea that feelings are a “female thing” — has left a generation of straight men stranded on emotionally-stunted island, unable to forge intimate relationships with other men. It’s women who are paying the price. (harpersbazaar)

Everyone knows that memories of intimacy fade away very quickly as soon as a relationship ends or when starting to see a mate/lover from a different perspective. Sexual attraction too often blinds because its pursuit is too often ego-driven.

That does not happen with friendships.

Genuine love goes beyond sexuality because it is a lot more spiritual. True love is unconditional. Society generates this idea that sexuality/passion will make people feel whole and instills this craving from a very early age.

A wrong perception that does lots of damage. Society hypes sexuality because it is another way to control people. As a result, we spend our lives waiting to be desired and chasing deceptive materialism.

As a matter of fact, if you intend to pursue knowledge then ready yourself for being a lone wolf surrounded by a few friends OR just allow the relationship to develop without trying to change each other and work together on what can be changed. Sure a few (our guess is less than 5% of the population) are successful to cross paths with a potential partner sharing the same level of awareness and it is all good for them.

The paradigm shift that is coming our way is going to deliver a tidal wave effect that we must embrace. Everything we have been taught about human nature and the world is erroneous and our task at this stage is to help it go faster so we’ll be done with it sooner!

‘One cannot live outside of arelationship, and yet in all forms of it there is conflict. Why is this so?’



Brigitte Kayser — The Mind Awakened

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