Let’s Face It: The Consensus Teaches To Be Wanted

Human empathy is on life support. Loneliness is the new silent epidemic!

If we are serious about changing society, we must become aware of its various Consensuses: we are being conditioned to fit a model that isn’t especially set to reward genuine originality. Yet those succeeding are hailed as extraordinary talents or entrepreneurs. But can you name one single industry traded on the stock exchanges that does not harm our planet, one way or another, as you read this?

The painful reality is that the Consensus wants conformity to be the norm, to prevent a majority from thinking outside the box. The institutionalization of “desire” makes people believe that they are happy machines of consumption and that working and spending are their prerogatives.

The Consensus doesn’t teach to be loved nor love but its opposite: to be wanted and want

Today most relationships express themselves in the form of trade and here is the evidence: astonishingly close to 50% of Americans deal with loneliness, and this is despite the high traffic on social media. Why? because market forces are behind the staggering loss of the sense of belonging and empathy. Without a sense of belonging and empathy, social inclusion remains elusive, and loneliness inexorably ensues. To want does not equate to love — and never will. Social media have been very astute at making us believe the opposite. The health costs associated with loneliness are projected to amount to $900 billion in the US in 2019. Two years ago vice.com ran a piece titled: “Why Loneliness Affects So Many Young People , whose conclusion is pretty clear: society is not headed in the right direction. We are on the same path as which of the Titanic!

The Consensus doesn’t teach us how to love our selves but instead sustains the pattern of cultivating sexual fixations and all sorts of fetishes. The ego is highly responsive to the hyper-sexualization of genders. Even children are no longer allowed to be kids as they are already exposed to “gender fluidity” at the age of two or three. The Consensus is stealing their childhood.

The worship of materialism has made society superficial to the point that general awareness doesn’t see that Humanity is, in fact, a body. The Consensus doesn’t teach us to care about humanity but ambition at whatever costs, regardless of the pain and the loneliness of others. Here is a striking example among others: according to eco watch and many other organizations, Fast Fashion is the 2nd largest polluter, but that doesn’t prevent H&M and the like from flooding us with their unrecyclable fabrics while paying its laborers 50 cents per hour.

Maybe it is about time to seriously rethink our competition model to resuscitate empathy. What do you think?



Brigitte Kayser — The Mind Awakened

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