Is There a ‘Literal’ Good and Evil?

Bad/evil exists to guide our path toward the ‘Truth Of All Good.

The subject matter of “good vs. bad or evil” has always fascinated many because society cannot survive without codes of conduct but what is happening to our world today is a sign that something, the way we see nature and our fellow humans, has gone terribly wrong.

We are not talking of children that have been misdiagnosed and turned out to be adult psychopaths here but the fact that our so-called codes of conduct are the root cause of our civilization’s miseries.

We all know that killing is wrong, yet we have world standing armies. We all know that stealing is too unacceptable behavior, yet we allow corporations to plunder the planet and implement slave labor for the sake of profits…

Is slavery really dead, and why isn't society seeing this as pure evil?

How ethical is society?

Without going too far down the rabbit hole, it is also quite noticeable that the top 0.1% is too bred to continue the enforcement of servitude. They represent a despicable evil.

And the very reason why is easy to grasp: our codes of conduct are simply and entirely inadequate. The difference between Good and bad/evil is actually too kind of easy to understand. The difficulty rather lies in how to facilitate good actions so that the bad consequences (or evil) can be avoided, but also knowing bad/evil and good are an inescapable duality (or polarity) and will therefore require our vigilance forever.

One thing is certain though: the misunderstanding of this Polarity Principle is the root of all bad/evil and exposes the deep failure of man-made laws because none of them really prevents anything.

So why do we have them in the first place? Our laws are rather designed to address crimes “AFTER” the facts, hence why any criminal mind will always take a chance.

The education of our children is the only way to ensure a more peaceful society.

We cannot get rid of the bad/evil because they exist to guide our path toward the ‘Truth Of All Good’. But Good manifests itself when we accept that all our actions have to be geared toward the protection of life.

Our destiny is to accept the stewardship of the planet. Each of us. Keeping evil at bay has to become a daily intention to bring about love for life and societal betterment. (see, Pondering Good And Evil)

We must act benevolently and directly in our neighborhoods while staying alert and ready to investigate the cause of any detrimental side effects and share our findings with others. Life cannot be perfect, but if we’d adopt this mindset we’d reduce suffering by at least 70%.

Fear is ultimately another component when thrown into the mix, condoning more bad/evil as it seriously limits the cognitive potential of emotional intelligence since we have to rely on intuition to tap into the energy field of Consciousness.

We definitely suggest reading “The Morality of the Universe” if not done yet. This blog explains why Good cannot depend on Moral Relativism but on Natural Laws.

But what is the difference between bad and evil, would you ask?

Bad becomes evil when there is a failure to act systematically upon it. And that is where we’re at. We’re faced with centuries of inaction that are today inflicting a great evil and have never been addressed by world lawmakers over the millennia. And this means that the solutions they pedal will just fuel more of the same because our history timeline clearly shows that an ever-increasing mass control is what we are geared into.

The fear of invasion has been a recurrent theme throughout humanity’s history. But this time it is a virus. An invader that cannot be seen with the naked eye. We should always remember that any centralized implementation being the result of fear is designed to erode our sovereignty.

That 2020 Bill Ackman story is a good example of what happens when fear takes over. People dumped their shocks when they heard that “hell was coming” and Ackman rake up two billion dollars, using naked short-selling.

We are against competition in any shape or form and any laws encouraging it. Competition does not work for humans. Please consider that lions fail to kill their prey sixty percent of the time.

So guess WHO benefits as we speak? Big Pharma without a doubt. This despicable evil has been hijacking science for over a century already by just enforcing and multiplying “conflicts of interest” as outlined by the industry insider, Dr. Jason Fung.

Long story short, we’ll conclude by saying that any decision initiated by the fear of losing one’s life or/and possessions, is going to translate into more despicable evil.

This is just how Natural Laws are working, and they are ultimate. So yes it is really time to ponder a different societal future, assuming that we’ll be capable to remedy that very institutionalization of fear.

The future will tell if humanity can evolve beyond the fear of being born and life cycles telling us that the physical is limited but needed to improve our very soul experience. We’ve pondered such matters for years now and are convinced that there is no other valid explanation.

Make no mistake: we are here to learn about fear and why it is impeding individual sovereignty. Materialism is just a massive distraction that has done wonders so far…

Something “BIG” must be given up and change now!



Metaphilosophy, Metaphysics (Natural Laws), Economics, Social & Individual Healing, AI, Voluntaryism. Thought-provoking without running around the bush.

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Brigitte Kayser — The Mind Awakened

Metaphilosophy, Metaphysics (Natural Laws), Economics, Social & Individual Healing, AI, Voluntaryism. Thought-provoking without running around the bush.