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Science has embarked on its own reformation, yet many scientists are still resisting the idea that Descartes and his followers were dead wrong about the theories of materialism and self-interest.

Mentalities are changing though.

The Age Of Aquarius is going to hit and reshuffle society in a big way, but the outcome still could go either way. There is going to be an academic schism caused by AI technocrats and those who will choose to worship Organic Consciousness instead. We’ve developed this in various blogs already. This is a topic that we keep for one of our next videos.

The notion that the Universe and Nature are conscious entities is now even evidenced by several studies proving that animals and birds are conscious. Even though a pig may have the awareness of a toddler, this dramatically changes our rapport with animals.

If pigeons are now declared self-aware, what animal isn’t really? There is definitely a revolution brewing. And what does it say about mathematics then? Well, since maths can prove consciousness, it merely means that maths is purely a metaphysical tool.

Have you ever wondered why you have 10 fingers?

Because the ultimate number is “9”. Ten is the return to 1 and zero. Coincidence? Not exactly, always remember that a coincidence is always the response suggested by a bad theory.

Despite the various challenges ahead, this upcoming shift should be welcome. Mainly because the planet needs to comprehend the implications that Nature and the Universe are conscious to overcome our impact on the environment and change our consuming habits.

Saying that we need to spend less alone is not going to do it, this awareness is key to implement the transition. Only awareness can help address problems rightfully.

We live in a conscious universe and we have to mirror back to it to remain in sync with our destiny. We cannot decide anything without considering our environment anymore. Doing otherwise means a death sentence, even if it has taken a few millennia to get to this point. We could have seen it sooner, couldn’t we?

It is utterly important to grasp this premise to realize why money is slowly becoming obsolete. We definitely could have an accounting system to manage or measure the input and output, yes, but that is pretty much it.

There is no return to (the old) normal.

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(04/2020) “This could be the beginning of a scientific revolution,” Munich Centre for Mathematical Philosophy mathematician Johannes Kleiner told the magazine.

(10/2020) Pigs are as smart as dogs. Why do we eat one and love the other?

(09–2020) Newfound brain structure explains why some birds are so smart —

(09–2020) Crows Are Capable of Conscious Thought, Scientists Demonstrate For The First Time |.

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