How Long Has Humanity Lived In Amnesia?

A Poor Understanding Of Our Past Drives Societal Discrimination

It always strikes us as odd when we hear people putting so much faith into the current scientific consensuses but then mock the gods and goddesses of the world to claim intelligence supremacy over our barbarian ancestors. This is how the History Cartel wants us to remember the past.

But were they truly barbarians?

The rise of “blood-spilling patriarchy” changed everything. It is said that Babylon designed first the patriarchal model in the region.

While crowds definitely were barbarian-minded, their elites had grasped the mysteries of life since the beginning of time, it seems. We may never know for sure where all the knowledge came from but one thing is certain, we have to go all the way back prior to 12,000 BC if we wish to find out.

But the timeline doesn’t go any further officially. Only alternative archeologists go there.

The origin of races is also nebulous and it is really not clear at all whether all races already existed since the beginning, especially if agreeing with the Out Of Africa theory.

Let’s ponder the last 5,000 years and how fast technology developed. From there how to believe that homo sapiens have lived for so long, at least 200K years, in caves? This does not add up!

An examination of over 5,000 teeth from early human ancestors shows that many of the first Europeans probably came from Asia (Scientific American, 2017)

Watch the video below asap, you will understand that the Out Of Africa theory has no rational basis.

Then there were the Sumerians and Egyptians who already knew so much about the pineal gland, astronomy, mathematics, celestial events, and how many planets were in our solar system “before” the telescope was invented.

Yes, before you start your research, please think about it: how sentient beings with a brain as evolved as ours could have stayed 100s of 1000s of years without inventing anything?

But there is an explanation and which is several mega cataclysms rocking the planet on a regular basis. Why aren’t we told about this? Is there one that could happen within the next few years?

Then where all these cultures in Mesopotamia came from and which were master builders already, where did they get their skills? Not from the hunter-gatherers, though mainstream historians want us to endorse that blindly.

Meanwhile, the same “strange” facts unfolded in India, where many temples are said to have been carved deep into the rock. The site featured in the video below, Kailasa Temple, was built using rudimentary tools and only 1K years ago into the biggest world monolith ever.

Yes 1000 years ago… this is ludicrous!

The ancient Greeks and Romans knew all there is to know about human psychology and sovereignty. Pythagoras for example already knew that everything was vibration (Tuning Forks have been inspired by his work) and this validates “quantum physics” which is a fancy term for Consciousness.

Pythagoras and (several other erudite at the time) also knew about the benefits of vegetarianism: those who wanted to attend the Mystery Schools were asked to quit eating animal flesh. Socrates, as we all know, paid a heavy price for challenging authority. Plato taught the building blocks of life, using the platonic solids and which prove that the universe is self-similar across scales (micro and macro are alike).

Plant medicines have been known since ever, Ayurveda is close to 4,000 years old and still lauded as natural science. Chinese medicine already practiced acupressure 2,000 years ago or so. Indigenous medicine is resurfacing everywhere and is now revered.

Where did all this knowledge come from? Not from cavemen for sure!

So what happened during all this time then, between 300,000 and 10,000 BC???

Not only knowledge has been suppressed but still today many “discoveries” do confirm this ancient knowledge, and that means that we have been walking in circles during all this time.

It is most likely why we find science that went wrong behind every ecocide… because we have lived in amnesia for much too long. Masses have been dumbed down over the millennia, schools have never taught them how to think for themselves. Even at the academic level, scientists follow blindly consensuses.

Science is no longer excusable for the failure to understand that.

This is the modern dark age and we need to wake up!

Our blog today asks very basic questions, we definitely could go further down the rabbit hole, but we thought of penning an article that can be shared far and wide and for intermediate truth seekers.



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