Going To The Supermarket Has Become Suicidal

Running errands is now as risky as walking in a jungle among predators

We have mentioned this a few times over the past year but now it clearly has become the “elephant in the room” and we must ring the alarm bell.

Running errands is now as risky as walking in a jungle among predators! This is really how we feel even when entering big-name supermarkets claiming to care about our health and selling organics.

If you look well, starches like corn and agave syrups, not to mention vegetable oils, have invaded products displayed on almost every shelf. The most treacherous is that those items are generally appealing. Ice cream is the perfect example as it offers a combination of fat and sugar, which is why the brain finds it tasty. Potato chips also come to mind. Let alone fries.

Yes, think twice and read this: How sugar drains our mitochondria and sets the stage for disease.

The article reads that “scientists and doctors have long been in the dark on exactly how sugar leads to metabolic disease”… which is not exactly true at all.

Yes, it is the ‘elephant in the room’ because it is unlikely that Academia will recognize any wrongdoing unless a class action as big as which that forced Big Tabacco to pay $246 billion twenty years ago.

We do not care about the monetary aspect here but matter is merely outrageous and needs to capture the attention of everybody!

The same lawyer who sued Tabacco Companies back then started another lawsuit in 2018 going after Pharma for the opioid crisis.

But for today, we’ll stick to gut matters.

For those who don’t know, Hippocrates lived in Ancient Greece from 460 to 370 BC. Yes, you read well, he lived for about 90 years. Surely applying his wisdom to himself. It is kind of amazing, considering that at the time only plant medicine was available.

Back to our blog.

So Why Do The Average Person Consumes 300% more Sugar Daily than ‘Recommended’?

To see the Truth one must be willing to look for it and of course, be ready to follow the money trail fearlessly.

How it all started?

We have to go back to the ’60s when the Sugar Association (in tandem with Pharma) began to pay scientists to design studies favoring sugar over saturated fat.

In our dictionary, the definition of processed food is any type of food that we do not prepare ourselves at home with wholesome and fully organic ingredients.

In our view it is clear that there is no actual “cancer gene” but the same detrimental and unhealthy habits. Sugar and processed food intakes are today out of whack. Then to add to the injury, chemicals can be found everywhere.

We read a while back that by 2025, close to 50% of the adult population will have experienced cancer. Even more alarming, CNN wrote last year that a global epidemic of cancer among people younger than 50 could be emerging. A few weeks ago, an NYTime headline read: Does Sugar Actually Feed Cancer?

The Warburg Effect: Can Cancer Be Starved of Sugar?

Otto Warburg has too had a long life, born in 1883 and transitioned in 1970. What he discovered is that cancer cells thrived on glycolysis, producing high lactate levels, even in the presence of abundant oxygen.

Academia rewarded him with a Nobel Prize in 1931.

But the Sugar Association was already plotting behind the curtains in 1960 and the work of Otto Warburg was quickly forgotten for the sake of Pharmaceutical and Sugar Association profits.

In the meantime, society got increasingly hooked on sugar. It is not only in America that the addiction got worse. Obesity is another global epidemic.

The funny thing is that the NIH penned an interesting piece which is quite an eye-opener and titled: Ketogenic Diets and Cancer: Emerging Evidence. Although the next line read “As early as 500 bc, fasting was used as an effective treatment for many medical ailments”, the article contends that more studies are needed.

If after reading this blog you are still wondering why medicine is such a debacle and incapable to address our skyrocketing metabolic diseases (90% of them linked to gut health) it is really up to you to start your discovery process inspired by the data we provided you today…

Now you are on your own and we hope to see you join the rank of humans dedicated to saving humanity and a world completely decentralized.


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