There is no middle of the road.

In our society, we have to ask permission for almost anything, the covid crisis has just added another foggy layer to the mix. Well, it really is the cherry on the cake, let’s not mince our words. The Great Reset is only beginning. By 2025, we’ll own nothing as World Economic Forum declares on its website. It is well known that fewer belongings and more life experiences make one happier, but it is not the rosy scenario the WEF has for us in the store at all.

There is no middle of the road.

A non-competitive system requires a majority to grasp the power of benevolence and why the latter is model-less. Yes, there is no model for such a system because self-discipline has been mastered by most. Unless one is raised as a Tibetan monk, self-discipline generally is the aftermath of having deeply analyzed one’s own self-defeating behavior, surrounding societal patterns, and also unbiased history. It is not something that one learns from others, it is something that one acquires when clues are self-evident. Being raised as a monk isn’t a model that can be applied broadly.

The study of natural laws also can help greatly because once the “Law of Cause And Effect” is accepted as self-evident, one also becomes way more cautious before acting. Added to this the “Law Of Polarity”, the existence of a counter-action for every action or word put forward also should make seriously ponder. The “Law of Rhythm” should also get all our attention because life is as precise as the pendulum and seasons, and that particular law will amplify the 2 others above, the good and the bad as well.

The amount of wealth does not determine freedom but the level of “coercion vs benevolence” within any framework. The wealthy also depends overall on marketing, and do everything they can to keep the illusion of success alive. As a matter of fact, a competitive system cannot really offer anything genuine as it has to continually rely on the lack of awareness of the majority. This is an inescapable reality. Caitlin Johnstone’s article definitely got our attention but still refers to the environment when describing the situation.

We’ve got to look within for an answer. But how to maximize benevolence then?

The “awareness” of control mechanisms is of course key toward the beginning of an answer, as Caitlin points out. But the real solution will be applied without a fight because the only thing that will work is doing nothing and by nothing, we mean acting in a way to end “systemic groupthink”.

Freedom and benevolence are in fact two sides of the same coin. Freedom has absolutely nothing to do with the “spur of the moment” as explained in part 1 of the series. What the current system rather teaches but it merely promotes “free-range thinking”.

Free will is kind of different from freedom. Freedom is the consequence of free will and the willingness to operate within the boundaries of natural laws. People who have studied esoterica are correct, it is only when we can obey nature that we are truly free.

The boundaries of the system are pretty strict. As soon as we step outside these parameters, things change and generally become more difficult when the ideas grow in popularity, but by that time, it is already too late to join the trend. The system is constructed in a way to tolerate a small percentage of eccentrics but then reacts violently when their number grows one stretch too far. Have you noticed?

Let’s consider solar power for example, which was a solution for as long as off-the-grid pioneers relied on it. Today that solar power is paving the way for the next environmental crisis. And that means that we’ll keep moving the same daunting issues around and make our situation worse by the day if not choosing benevolence.

How bad does it have to become before a majority embraces benevolence?

So when talking of benevolence and based on our words above, we ought to understand that it has never existed so far, though it is the only fashion to achieve the “Superorganic Civilization” in which individual benevolence organizes spontaneously, allowing each of us to optimize the realization of our passions and without asking permission to anybody.

Metaphilosophy, metaphysics, economics, social & individual healing, AI, voluntaryism. Thought provoking without running around the bush.

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